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I typically sell new stuff so I will sometimes tell them where I bought it and that will satisfy. Obviously I can't always tell where so I'll just say it's from a reputable department store or something and I know if it comes down to it I can always pull out the receipt.With used stuff it's not a solution though. Sometimes it's enough to just say you guarantee its authentic.Honestly I think its a pretty fair question considering the many sellers who knowingly sell fakes.
I found a savile row suit jacket made for Bernie Madoff but thats more like infamous than famous...
I find Stefano Riccis to average 61"-62" in length, also Tom Ford I find some on the long side (I think the really recent ones are getting skinnier) and if its the woven fabric ones they make really thick knots.
Just as a reference, I did see a kiton suit made of 97% vicuna and 3% silk in a LCNM for around $3500. The retail price was $32,000. This was about 2 years ago and I still wish I had been able to buy it... was too much for me at the time...
Haha, ok, I see where that's going...
Thanks! @aging in rhythm let me know this and it turns out it says it on the receipt too, lol.Interesting, why is it called an "OJ"?
Firstly, pop for finding RLBL at thrift.... $5 N/A [[SPOILER]]  And now some recent discount store goodies.....Odds n' ends. Anyone know what these are called?? Ski hats? Paul Smith x 2Drakes x 2 Alexander McQueen Prada scarfKiton silk scarf x 2 And finally the Andrea Campagna blazers I mentioned last week. All amazing handwork...One button Burgundy x 4 [[SPOILER]] Isaia patch pocketsAndrea CampagnaAndrea Campagna x 2
Did you doubt yourself afterwards that you set the price too low
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