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^ yes, doesn't look like any brioni tags I've ever seen.
@Takai@ridethecliche Thanks guys!
Found me some Brooks Brothers shells! Anyone know who makes for them?
Your entire listing is fantastic! The pictures, the theme... WOW!
That bag looks fantastic!
Last I've seen it was items over $750 need signature confirmation.Be careful with it because it does get some buyers upset when they live in a safe neighborhood and they have to go get it at the post office because they weren't home when it came.Edit: you may want to also check what paypal requires because he can always dispute via Paypal. I don't if it matters since ebay is supposed to have seller protection if you satisfied their requirements...
Last picture is my listing Thats where I took the tag pic from. Seems pretty clear it's the same...
From Andrea Campagna blazer
I've never seen the little content tag on the skinny end of a Brioni tie. It looks a bit generic like something you'd see on a fake. Everything else looks fine to me. I'm leaning to say fake but honestly I certainly haven't seen everything.
That keeper is found on older brioni ties but I guess I'd need to see more to really know...Based on this picture, it looks good...
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