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@Nataku Bigtime huge congrats! My last was twins, a boy and a girl. They only get cuter and cuter, ENJOY!
First one of these for me. Hand Rolled RLPL 100% cashmere tie, probably going to end up keeping my other 45 ties company.    
Just curious, could you estimate his height for me?
You can add joshmandel
Yeah, I just called them and they said its a bug and they will refund my relisting cost.
efb Are those mens manolo blahniks? I've never seen that. Can you include a picture of the top?
I just canceled my store subscription and all of my listings ended??? Whats going on here?
The Sassettis I've seen have a separate piece of leather on the sole saying made in Italy. The purple labels made by him also have that. I think the ones I have are the "cheaper" Italian ones. The shoes are 995 and the velvet shoes are 650.
Can anyone please tell me who makes these RLPLs? Thanks!            
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