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I just had a buyer open a Paypal dispute  claiming he never received his purchase. He already opened an E-bay case and it was closed in my favor because tracking shows it was delivered. My question is, I already uploaded the tracking info in the Paypal dispute but is it important that I also call in like what I would do with e-bay, or can I count on Paypal to do things right?
Todays discount store finds, all under 10% except the RLPL grenadine which is for personal use 7 Kiton 7 fold linen ties, 1 RLBL knitted and the RLPL gren.   
Thanks! Wasn't terribly cheap tbh.
Yup! Gorgeous navy, thin blade. Thanks!
Cool! Wonder if you bought it from me cuz that would be really cool...
When he messaged me about something a while back I told him I was a huge fan of his. We cracked some jokes back and forth and haven't heard from him since.
Im allowed 370000 items up to $76,562,500. Right now I'm up to 82 items and nowhere near the amount of money allowed. I wonder if it's part of some kind of rating system?...
@rhyme Wow what a haul! I mean quindici?!!? @goneAWOL Just curious, is that flower tie on the manny in you pictures zegna? I sold one like that, really really nice.
Nice!I just bought a New with tags Turnbull & Asser suit from her that had a tear right under the outside chest pocket and the pants were a different size from the jacket. Did have tags though :/. Of course I'm returning it and they're good about that but be ready for whatever comes....
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