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@Shanejosephxxx NMLC has started this really annoying policy of writing prices on their ties right on the main label so if someone flips your tie to see who you're wearing they're hit with the price mark. Obviously for flipping this really devalues it. In case you're interested, I found that an eraser will remove most of it to a point where it doesn't stand out anymore. If you want you can also blacken it with a sharpie but the ink spreads so be careful.
My GW gets a lot of clubs but I know nothing about them. Is there anything specific that I should look for?
This is the guide I've been using. I can't vouch for it but it worked for me.http://fityn.com/official-shell-cordovan-shoes-model-numbers-guide/
I bought 2 Gucci suits recently and both had 5 button cuffs so there's gotta be more to it. ...
is there any actual difference between the womens and mens peacoat? They button either way? Is the sizing marked differently or something?
They're gone. I think they still have the cheap polo stuff but not the italian. Now the good stuff is in a boutique and not cheap at all. Back in the day it was great. Once I got 20 rlpl cashmere sweaters for $70 a piece.... got a bunch of rlpl suits foe 250-300... etc.
Interesting comparison btw. An RL rep once told me a "secret" that a lot of rlpl cashmere is actually from loro piana. I think he meant just the fabric but maybe it's more than that...
@rhz5001 I was thinking to ship First Class, he agreed I would not be responsible for a lost or damaged package more than I am reimbursed from USPS, which would be nothing in First Class....
Hey guys, I had a brand new e-bay buyer, literally opened his account today, who messaged me asking me for the additional shipping cost to ship a $70 tie to Hong Kong. Meaning he wants me to add the shipping cost to the price and to allow him to buy. I don't normally ship internationally but I make exceptions upon request. My question is, is there any kind of known scam going on? Am I asking to get ripped off if I agree or am I being too nervous?
Got these at a discount store...     Loro Piana Baby cashmere turtleneck x2 Feels like a cloud!   Tom Ford  supposedly James Bond style   Zegna , Ricci, Ricci , Zegna   Berluti linen/cotton/silk blazer   This slit is found over the arm, near the shoulder. Can anyone please clue me in on what it is?       2 Quindicis, not 10% but a fantastic deal for personal use   Deakin & Francis Enamel/Silver clinks. These little guys retail for...
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