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Quick discount store brag. Got a great deal on these beauts EZ x2 The blue is unlined wool/linen/silk blend. The lighter houndstooth patterned one is wool/silk. Both awesome Zegna goodness    
I'm hoping so. Is that what yours is?I think they retail in the 200$ range but nobody on e-bay really cares too much for them. I once got one with 18K gold embroidery (a tiger) and I passed it on to @eddievddr10 who still owes me a fit pic of himself wearing it. *Ahem* *Ahem*
A few thrift finds. Has been slow lately.Vitaliano Pancaldi.   First nice one I've ever found.  [[SPOILER]]
A few thrifts and some discount store shebang.First the thrifts....Wacky 1976 Hickey Freeman 3 roll two sportcoat. Some golf club patch sewn on. [[SPOILER]] Boss zip up sweaterBallantyneZegna sweater shirtand some more... [[SPOILER]]  And some Tom Ford discount store stuffTF Sportcoat MTMfour pairs of pants, three were custom made for Sir Phillip Green. I guess he couldn't pay the bill so he left them....   Awesome TF Croc leather and material belt 
It was dark gray, size 38. For realz.
Oh.  Thanks for the info. I once came across a Kiton suit in Last Call NM that was 97% vicuna for about 3700$. Unfortunately I didn't have the money to invest to buy it and flip it but I still dream about it from time to time.
Just curious, anyone know the price range on something like this?Also,  a bit off topic but it has to do with Vicuna, is Escorial in the same category?
 WOW! This coat is off the charts!
@GMMcL Your finds are fantastic and your pictures are phenomenal! Keep em coming!
^^ I have seen the script on non-purple label stuff such as womens clothing and a Ralph Lauren golf jacket that I have.
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