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if they are indeed new and are 2 button, 2 vents in a nice pattern you can make some good money imo.If you're patient I bet you could get over 600 maybe more.
Got some pretty nice stuff at the discount stores today.     Charvet, Brioni x2, Tom Ford   Cucinelli, Charvet, Massimo Piombo 7-fold by Kiton, and on top 7-fold Kiton
I don't think it should matter when you uploaded the tracking. But first thing you want to do is let him know the tracking says delivered and ask him to ask around his household and neighbors if they've seen it and also to check carefully around where his mail is delivered. He may find it or he may "find" it.
Wow! Isn't that a Venticinque on the top of the pile?
Found some goodies today by lunch break. L-R Isaia 7 fold, Givenchy, Richard James, Zegna     Blinding Charvet, YSL, wool/silk Zegna
Nice!I got good money for one of those a while back. I think they're made by the same company that makes Gucci ties...
My post office doesn't allow two usps boxes taped together. Not sure why not but Im guessing the rule will vary depending on which worker you get.
You can add golfmarvin to your list. He is an abusive buyer.
I've seen RRL selling pinstriped jackets without pants. I think they had a more rugged look though, like with course material or pleated pockets. Probably would look nice with jeans imo.
Thanks all for your responses! Sounds like good advice.The buyers username is golfmarvin.  He's blocked by me now.
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