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Parting with my Mountain Track Sneakers. Super comfortable.   Mesh, suede, and leather uppers.   Commando sole.   Condition: Excellent. Lightly used. Has been cleaned and brushed. Shipping: extra $10 with USPS First Class Payment: Cash, Money Order, PayPal No refunds
Sad to part with these beautiful shirts, but alas I have grown out of them! (I'm really a size 48 in OL) First Shirt - Mud - Size 46 ($50) First Shirt - Vegetable Blue (Indigo) - Size 46 ($35) Condition: In great used condition (needs to be ironed however!). Blue shirt has very slight wear on left sleeve.Shipping: USPS First Class or Payment: Cash, Money Order, PayPalNo refunds First Shirt in Mud The color and texture is what makes this a great shirt. The color is "Mud" --...
 Modern Appeal Clothing (M.A.C.) in San Francisco has a few left. They don't have an online store so you'll have to call them. I picked one up and love the fit and color.
Hi everyone, I am selling the following Our Legacy items: Perfect Tee - Black - Size 46 ($20) Perfect Tee - Melange Blue - Size 46 ($35) Great Sweat - Bucle Grey - Size 46 ($50) Great Hood - Purple Blue - Size 46 ($50) Condition: Used, but no defectsShipping: USPS First Class or Payment: Cash, Money Order, PayPalNo refunds   [[SPOILER]]  Let me know if you have any questions!
Here are my recommendations for San Francisco and around!   Not meant to be comprehensive -- just the places I like and think are unique to the area.   FYI - most of the time, a car or bike will be required for getting around the East Bay.    Mens' Clothing Maas and Stacks - super friendly and knowledgable people who carry some great brands from Japan and Europe M.A.C. - there is also a Dogpatch location that is smaller but more unique Unionmade - heritage +...
NEEDLES REBUILD AW 13Chester Coat - Size Small I can't pull this off...but you can! Details / Specs:Handy pockets all around. Luxurious (not kidding) nylon lining. Can be worn buttoned-up and un-buttoned to reveal lapels. Strings hidden in the pockets that act as a drawstring waist (wow!). Back vent. 
 From my experience, they both are pretty narrow. The derby shines do feel slightly larger than the achilles low. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure your derby size will be the same as your achilles size.  I have wide feet too, and I find that it is better to size up in CP. I wear 10E's in Alden, 9.5 UK in Trickers and Viberg. CP size 44 fit me the best. They are slightly long, but still comfortable. 43's are too tight.
Question: What type of hat does Monsieur Hulot (Tati) wear in the movie Mon Oncle?       I can't find a quick answer with Google. Many thanks in advance! 
 I wish I could pull that off--but alas, I don't have enough scruff (in the good sense of course). Every time I wear a bucket hat I feel like a Japanese school boy   [[SPOILER]]
 Hey e0d9n0b5, are you wearing the over-dye nonnative denims?  I have a pair myself and it's my go-to-pair of jeans.  I sized down to a 1, and I'm glad I did because they stretched out quite a bit. They reveal some very nice charcoal fades after washing. I love how the jeans are stitched at the back of the knee to give it a nice "bent" silhouette. I could go on and on about these jeans...
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