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I just went out and shot a 59... see? oh wait. that wasn't me and I am a ~12 cap who has never broken 70?? oh well, might as well boast about it anonymously to a bunch of online clothing aficionado's... that will get me the babes!
Cool, looking fwd to more posts and info!
Nice! I have enjoyed the Giant MTB platform (Maestro, I believe) every time I have tried it. Enjoy, and keep the rubber side down!!
Yes, new location just up the street from the old (#11, iirc). It was open when I was there in July.
As much as I can appreciate and respect catering to local shops, you can source AE's for substantially less than retail if you do a bit of legwork... B&S here, EBay, online discounters and several other sources have these shoes for 25-60% less than retail. I built up a pretty decent stock of AE's over the last couple years, and my average price per pair was around $125, including shipping, to Toronto. Once you figure out your sizing in the various lasts, the rest is...
I am considering this one as well, wondering if anyone can provide any input?
$99 is much cheaper than other boutiques (e.g. Harry Rosen) has them for, I think they were $140 or so... I found a pair online for a bit less than $100 including shipping, but $99 is not too bad... I would pay full retail for them again!! Having said that, the Bay does have a lot of sales, you can even ask a SA when the next one is, often they will know, or you can buy and go back for refund when the price goes down.
[[SPOILER]] Yes, in fact they advertise the lining will act as a polisher on the shoes while worn... While I have not experienced this, they certainly will not scuff your shoes... Never heard of that being an issue.
Big +1 on swims, used them for the last three winters in TO and they have been great - very durable and great protection. I think using a good galosh negates the need for topy's. I don't even get comments on them, they look really good, IMHO. I have a pair of older black rubber galoshes that people always comment on, but for some reason, no one notices or comments on the swims...
K-edge has the answer:!GaixOWrHT5uKuQ6anp10Fw!/K-Edge-Computer-Mount-For-Garmin-EdgeNice piece, and sturdy, by all reports...
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