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Well, that's always a good sign.
Nice choice! You could go to war with that watch, their bomb proof. You should be fine using it in the water as long as the crown is screwed in and the seals are good. If your worried about it getting it water/pressure tested is easy by taking to a nearby seiko service center or a repairman who has the machine. It shouldn't cost very much to do it.    
Just picked up another poor man's watch. A new old stock diver for $55 on ebay. While not an Omega Seamaster 300 or an orig. Rolex Turn-o-Graph imho it's presentable, 38mm case, tells good time and looks brand new; I dig the second hand.    I see so many nice cheap watches on eBay but I have to admit, I have to give myself some strict guidelines on what is worth buying as it's very much a minefield and a cheap watch can end up being a very expensive watch to fix up...
Very nice!   Does it look like one of these or is it one of the newer white dialed ones?   
  Option 2 in White Gold
+1Well said, shoot for an IWC or JLC. You'll be surprised what you can find cost wise with a little homework and patience. You'll love the quality and they can make good investments.
Just picked up this Doxa on a whim for under $100. Keeps time within about 5-10 seconds a day, not too bad.   It's amazing how cheap these go for in good condition on ebay, that's if you like these kind of Bauhaus watches.  
  I think I would be quite satisfied in life if I was able to commission my own Vacheron Constantin. 
Here's my beater; I must admit I have not taken good care of it other than recently replacing the metal band with a leather one, it need s a good cleaning. It's much lighter and to me more comfortable with the strap.  
Sorry but I'm with Hayward, I give a solid thumbs up to orig. early Speedy's for ones collection. I think when one mentions this kind of watch, it would be a remiss not to mention orig. Heuer Carrera's or Autavia's.   I do think when one is ready to spend this kind of money on a watch that they should just focus on getting the orig. rather than a re-issue.                   
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