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They call it 'full grain distressed leather' I assume it's similar to nubuck, but, don't know enough about leather to be 100% sure. I'm unable to post picture of my shoes right now, but, these boots are made from exactly the same leather: 
Afternoon All,   I have just received a paid of comfort craftsmen for my birthday. They're in a distressed leather in the colour 'driftwood'. I was just wondering what I should do to care for these? The leather is a little suede like so I'm not sure if i should condition them, or just keep them clean.   Any ideas?   Thanks.
   Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't too hopeful that, at least in the main shops, would be anything great from the research I'd done, but, thought I'd ask anyway. My fiancé is doing some vintage shopping while we're there, so I'll tag along with her.
I've been lurking for a while and getting jealous of the finds you guys are getting. I just haven't had the time to go thrift shopping lately. But, in about a week I will be heading it paris for 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone know what the vintage/thrift shopping is like in Paris? I'm more concerned with classic menswear rather then street wear (I know the vintage for street wear is really good there).   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know if my finds or my fits are to the level of the others posting here, but, I'll give it a go: (sorry about the colour in the first one, taken early before I went to work. There wasn't any time to try for more.)         Details: Suit - Rembrandt (made in New Zealand) - $20aud - Thrifted. It's spring here and this suit just shouted spring to me when I saw it. Shirt - MJ Bale - Heavy Discount Tie - Berg & Berg Pocket Square - no brand - thrifted for...
 Thanks for the quick response! I'll talk to my alterationist and see what she says.
I tried a suit on last week that I quite like. It was dark gray, notched lapels and with a double breasted waistcoat, also with notched lapels. The Issue is the waist coat is too long and the buttoning point seems a bit low. Can a waistcoat be raised so the that the buttoning point is higher?
I feel a little ashamed to be posting this after the amazing hauls of ChetB yesterday… Anyway, today was my first proper thrift outing. I visited 6 shops and passed on a tonne of stuff, mostly because I’m still new to this and was unsure about a few things. There were two I thought were good pick-ups. One was a suit from Fletcher Jones (Australian maker, mostly just an online shop now), it was blue with a pinstripe, with quite heavy wool, and it was well make and fully...
This haul has so much I would want if I had more occasion to wear a jacket or full suit, left in the spoilers above are my favorites. Well done!
    Hoping not to derail the thread to much, but, when I first started lurking Dig had just started posting in WAYWRN. I was always surprise how well Dig took on the advice and criticism (not always constructive) and how quickly his style developed.  I have a 'style file' where I have a collection of fits that I like from forum members and Dig has a good number of fits in there.   So a big congrats to Dig from here too, not just for the dressing better thing, but for...
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