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woulddefinitely be in for the first one on a 2030
Hey Fok, Are there any more pictures of the boot, and will they be on the mini ripple sole or the normal ripple sole?
my make up   all blacked out model: scout last: 2030 leather: black waxed flesh eyelets: 7, black eyelets leather (tongue): black roughout midsole: black stitching: black sole: black gloxi-cut or black wedge other details: black everything, all stitching black, semi structured toe.   (very similar to the rubberized boot by haven)
holy shit, was this only available in store?
how much did you get these for? i heard in the end, freeman put a sale on these and each boot was going for 250 each.
shit is so slow right now 
i actually got the last pair of 7's of that make-up. when i went to the store, i knew i had to have them. the patina on them is amazing and they're almost golden in direct sunlight. a really cool pair. i'm usually for a natural edge midsole but i couldn't pass up on these.
10 percent off and free international shipping at the bureau belfast with code: HALLOWEEN10
hey can we get some progress pics on these? i'm thinking of getting a pair.
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