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i actually got the last pair of 7's of that make-up. when i went to the store, i knew i had to have them. the patina on them is amazing and they're almost golden in direct sunlight. a really cool pair. i'm usually for a natural edge midsole but i couldn't pass up on these.
10 percent off and free international shipping at the bureau belfast with code: HALLOWEEN10
hey can we get some progress pics on these? i'm thinking of getting a pair.
14oz teamed up with viberg    http://www.14oz.com/1950-service-boot-velours-brown-dainite-sole-10234.html   looks like another cabourn boot. 
so if i put in cash for the cabourn and decide i want the chromepak i won't get my money back? 
is it possible i can switch my preorder 20 from the cabourn to the chromepak?
it donned on me the other day, has viberg done their third sample sale yet? 
i'm just curious, do the viberg x styleforum make-ups have the styleforum logo stamped onto the insole like other collabs do?
what's the reason we didn't keep the toe-cap for the cabourn tribute?
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