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Price lowered to 620 SHIPPED.
you got a pair as well? mine are really beige, a tone more yellow than the new camel ones they're going to release. i don't think i've ever seen a posting for the cork ones on sale other than mine. 
Not sure if this is allowed, mods delete if not.   I'm trying to move a pair of my vibergs if anyone's interested. Only worn to try on, they didn't fit me. They're the collaboration between Tate and Yoko and Viberg back in 2014 when T+O still worked with Viberg.
Brand New Never Worn - Viberg x Tate and Yoko 2030 Service Boot made from Cork Moose Size 8 Dainite Sole 2030 last Brogue toe cap  Waxed laces Antique eyelets Shipping to US or Canada - INCLUDED.
hi, what's your brannock size for reference?
  viberg x club monaco stealth service boot
made a trip to my local cm and they have some sizes of the boondockers in stock. message me if anyone needs a proxy.
if anyone is interested, there is a club monaco near me that stocks the viberg service boot in black and they're in canadian dollars (as i'm from canada). they have an 8 and 8.5 left in stock. that comes out to about 367usd for a brand new pair of bergs which is insane. send me a message and i can pick them up for you and proxy.
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