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i actually have the lost and found service boot and it turns gold-ish in sunlight.
put me down for the cabourn tribute boot only. 
The Cabourn tribute boot - in the copper task roughout" Model: Service boot Last: 110 Leather: Copper task roughout (replacement, name may be different) Leather (tongue): copper task (replacement) Eyelets: 7 antique brass Sole: dainite, natural midsole Comments: totally awesome!   only got my eyes on this
just curious, would you wear these in the winter time? how do you think a camp-sole would fair with snow?
yep it's 40 in store at eatons, i just went and picked myself up a canvas bag for 40 bucks. 
i'm curious about this as well, will check eaton at lunch
Is this still available
Are these still for sale? If so, I'd like to take them. 
who got the overdyed in 7?
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