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Do you have any suggestions for websites where to look for business shirt inspiration (without a suit jacket)? Most business shirts just seem to be quite plain, I'm looking for something with white collar, blue shirt for example and similar inspiration/combinations to that.
I've ordered a MTM shirt 3 months ago from a local shirtmaker which has been washed about 10-15 times. Any advice what could be improved on the next order? Thanks!   First image is shirt tucked in, second is shirt untucked. Front     Front - spread arms     Side     Back       Back - spread arms  
Can short men wear gingham shirts? (It's being said that they should avoid horizontal stripes.)
What color pants should a short guy wear with a white dress shirt to prevent the body is split in half (white dress shirt + dark denim jeans does this)? (besides white, tan or khaki)
Any suggestions what type of jeans a guy with short legs (waist 31 inch, length 30 inch) should look for? Low rise? Bootcut? Brands? Models for LEVI/DIESEL/HUGO BOSS/etc?
Any suggestions what type of jeans a guy with short legs should look for? Low rise? Bootcut? Brands?
Any idea's if low-rise jeans would help?
  Thank you for your reply. I have indeed lost a lot of weight too. Still need to lose some but I think those last bits will be the hardest. So if I understand correctly it's the 'egg shape' which makes it impossible to keep my pants up. Do you know if there are options out there which can get it fixed? For example, could a tailor do something about the pants to make it fit?
I'm serious. I bought pants/jeans that fit properly (they enclose around my waist), but since my belt isn't tight enough, the pants drop to my hips (I guess to the narrowest point where it can't drop any further). I tightend my belt a notch further a few times but it seem to hurt a lot, so I guess a belt isn't an option.. It just doesn't look good on the back of my pants when wearing jeans. The backpockets seem to hang a bit too low. This might be because I'm not...
Any idea's how to keep my pants up? A belt doesn't seem to help (neither does tightening it -- and suspenders aren't an option), it keeps dropping off my belly everytime and moves to my hips. 
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