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Leave the nice watch at home. And go with the firm assumption that anyone who approaches you unsolicited, or "accidentally" obstructs you, on the street is trying to distract you long enough to rob you. Sad, but generally true.
Couple pages late. Bought first Porsche and first Lange in same week. All in on ze Chermans.
This also feels like it belongs here:   http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/apr/19/clockmaker-john-harrison-vindicated-250-years-absurd-claims
 How do you feel about the Royal Eagle chronos, Dino? I tried on a rose gold early-2000s model at WatchClub the other day and was surprised at how much it appealed, with the vaguely Franck Muller-ish numerals being the only real ding for me.
Poster boy for movement-too-small-for-case syndrome.
I believe that "twig and berries" is the preferred horological parlance.      As a sucker for blued hands, I like that Moser.
Watches and Jewelery of Bond St. -- 74 New Bond St. Online at www.watchcentre.com. For pricing, Chrono24 will give you a decent idea of what the going rates are.
The WG version is cool with the four quadrant dial. 
Yeah, there's a special place in hell for whichever Rolex marketer looked at those beautiful dials and went: "Hey you know what would really make these pop, some daubs of neon spray paint!"
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