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I'm also too OCD to get my head around the bits of batons on the 5712.   5726 on a bracelet is the best Nautilus for me -- symmetry uber alles.  
One thing you can't accuse Richard Mille of is being bad at talent spotting.   * eschews trendy coach (middle) * wears watch * obliterates world record out of nowhere * thanks God and RM *
One wonders how fast London prices are going to adjust after today's GBP swan dive? For example, the £8,250 Rolex agreed to sell me a 116500 for in March is already worth almost 800 Swiss Francs less than it was back then.
 The Traditionelle Small Seconds is a 29 mm movement in a 38 mm case and the (new smaller) Saxonia Thin is a 28 mm movement in a 37 mm case, so it's a wash. There are far worse offenders like the Patek 5196 (already mentioned) or VC Patrimony, which has a 21 mm movement in a 40 mm case. Out of interest, which comparable dress watches in the 36/37/38 size range do have "appropriately sized" movements, if that was to be the deal breaker? 
Looks like the first 116500 Daytonas are trickling out into the grey market, asking $10K over MSRP.
Lovely Lange, lad!  
 Picture is AWOL, but my thought is "yes, please."  For most, it will probably turn on whether or not you like a big date. The rest is fairly irreproachable.
Knew that was going to grind your gears as soon as I saw the pictures! 
I do like the blue dial 40mm Speedy from Basel this year. On a less-showy (brown) strap, that could be very versatile.  
Agree with Dino about the higher contrast of the ceramic bezel taking the new Daytonas in a sportier direction. The watch definitely "pops" more -- whether you like that is going to be down to personal taste. To me, it actually helps counterbalance the "bling" of the polished center links, as these are no longer reinforced by a silver bezel and silver chapter rings.
New Posts  All Forums: