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I think it's the best looking Sky Dweller yet, which isn't saying much. ;) Would take the blue 41mm Datejust all day long in preference. The baton markers are still too fat but the larger dial ameliorates that to an extent and the sunray effect is something else. 
 I'm not sure about this one. Just seems kinda informal for a Patek perpetual, but maybe that's the plan. Reminiscent of the calatrava pilot watch in 2015 that was very love-it-or-hate-it.  
Surprised by the size jumps too. Would have thought 40mm for the DJ and 42mm for the SD was the path of least resistance. Agree with Belli that the DJ will likely wear smaller and the 36mm option remains for folks that prefer a more classic size. Oddly it looks like you can only get a Jubilee bracelet with a gem-set dial. Why, Rolex?
Omega snuck this one in among the rash of new Limited Editions. Good size at 38.5mm, better date window treatment and a nice dial, to my eye. Have actually removed text, too. (Tudor please take note!) Could be a sleeper at whatever you can get off the $5K list?  
BLNR prices keep ticking up over here. Haven't seen anyone I would trust in the grey market selling for much under £7,500.
Yes, absolutely.   I'm moving back to the States in June and will let it ride until then. Really not too exercised about whether or not I get the watch in the end, but the experience hasn't made me think any better of Rolex in general.
Re wait lists, can only relate my own experience here in London.   Called the Rolex boutique on Bond St. about 15 minutes after the ceramic Daytona announcement last year. Put down 10% deposit. Was told I was #3 for a white dial.   Since then, crickets. Checked in last a few months ago and the sales person said I was now #2. Whoop de do.   Asked how long the list was at that point and they said it was in the thousands. They also said Rolex HQ had specifically told...
Quick taxi shot, as promised Dino.
Congrats! Today must be Kopday. I finally procured a 5711/1A-010. Also picking up on Friday. And while still on the topic of blue dials, this I think is the ne plus ultra. 
Speaking of ROs, they've actually found a way to make the date windows even more annoying on the new chronos.  
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