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Yes, absolutely.   I'm moving back to the States in June and will let it ride until then. Really not too exercised about whether or not I get the watch in the end, but the experience hasn't made me think any better of Rolex in general.
Re wait lists, can only relate my own experience here in London.   Called the Rolex boutique on Bond St. about 15 minutes after the ceramic Daytona announcement last year. Put down 10% deposit. Was told I was #3 for a white dial.   Since then, crickets. Checked in last a few months ago and the sales person said I was now #2. Whoop de do.   Asked how long the list was at that point and they said it was in the thousands. They also said Rolex HQ had specifically told...
Quick taxi shot, as promised Dino.
Congrats! Today must be Kopday. I finally procured a 5711/1A-010. Also picking up on Friday. And while still on the topic of blue dials, this I think is the ne plus ultra. 
Speaking of ROs, they've actually found a way to make the date windows even more annoying on the new chronos.  
In that case, kindly toddle off to said AD and pick me up a 116500 at list, old bean. Much obliged! 
No my good sir.  Not that I'd kick a Saxonia Annual out of bed either ...
I guess this belongs here for discussion and/or derision.
Just fun, a electronically-minded friend of mine recently acquired this fine late-sixties Patek timepiece, with bonus atomic word clock.  
Re the brief Bentayga digression, here's someone at Moor Park giving it the full go.  
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