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Lovely Lange, lad!  
 Picture is AWOL, but my thought is "yes, please."  For most, it will probably turn on whether or not you like a big date. The rest is fairly irreproachable.
Knew that was going to grind your gears as soon as I saw the pictures! 
I do like the blue dial 40mm Speedy from Basel this year. On a less-showy (brown) strap, that could be very versatile.  
Agree with Dino about the higher contrast of the ceramic bezel taking the new Daytonas in a sportier direction. The watch definitely "pops" more -- whether you like that is going to be down to personal taste. To me, it actually helps counterbalance the "bling" of the polished center links, as these are no longer reinforced by a silver bezel and silver chapter rings.
Because rose gold on black band-aid is so wearable?
Get in line, get in line, get in line!   Predictions on whether Rolex dribbles these out as per steel Daytona tradition, or actually tries to satisfy demand? If there was ever a stone cold cert worth ramping up for ...
 Always appreciate the amount of context you contribute, Dino. It's invaluable! Thanks.
Nice! Liking the black more than I thought I would.   London boutique is getting the 116500 Daytonas in to view for one day only on May 11 and they will be prototypes not production pieces. Can't see many shipping before the Summer. Manager said the store went "berserk" today.
Right! New fully-lumed Explorer is a nice update Right! Thoughts on the new fully-lumed Explorer dial? Notice they've also quietly fixed the minute hand length.   
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