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Speaking of ROs, they've actually found a way to make the date windows even more annoying on the new chronos.  
In that case, kindly toddle off to said AD and pick me up a 116500 at list, old bean. Much obliged! 
No my good sir.  Not that I'd kick a Saxonia Annual out of bed either ...
I guess this belongs here for discussion and/or derision.   https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/expensive-watches-command-respect-what-happened-when-i-tested-that
Just fun, a electronically-minded friend of mine recently acquired this fine late-sixties Patek timepiece, with bonus atomic word clock.  
Re the brief Bentayga digression, here's someone at Moor Park giving it the full go.  
Feel the same way about William & Son. On passing, I am compelled to pop in and play with the Laurent Ferriers. Think by now they must sense the hook is set ...
Wempe or WoS? Absolutely love the Saxonia Annual. The white gold with the blued hands makes me go hnnnng.
Sounds like my Tinder profile ...    Congrats on the Overseas! Really like the new line.
I'm also too OCD to get my head around the bits of batons on the 5712.   5726 on a bracelet is the best Nautilus for me -- symmetry uber alles.  
New Posts  All Forums: