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I saw that at Watch Club and nearly kopped myself. Very nicely done!
Dat new blue Lange chrono do.  
As if we haven't had a bad enough start to the season already ...   * cries into his beer *
Yes. Yes it is!
Thanks man and congrats to you too! We can be NautiBuddies*.          (*No Frills, membership secretary.)
Went into Patek on Bond St. after lunch today and put my name down for a 5726 on a bracelet.    I know annuals generally get dinged around here but it's my favorite Nautilus from an aesthetic perspective, as I prefer the date treatment at 6 and enjoy the added visual charm of the moon phase.   After that we stopped in at JLC, where my wife fell in love with the Grand Feu dial on a Master UT 1907. White gold and the enamel etc. adds almost £10K over the platinum...
Re: Montblanc https://www.hodinkee.com/blog/the-montblanc-villeret-exotourbillon-rattrapante
Leave the nice watch at home. And go with the firm assumption that anyone who approaches you unsolicited, or "accidentally" obstructs you, on the street is trying to distract you long enough to rob you. Sad, but generally true.
Couple pages late. Bought first Porsche and first Lange in same week. All in on ze Chermans.
This also feels like it belongs here:   http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/apr/19/clockmaker-john-harrison-vindicated-250-years-absurd-claims
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