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No thanks. Rolex entering ROO territory.
Eh, where I come from, a "rollucks" (rhymes with bollocks) is a lawnmower. But they did invent the Ninja Blade Cutting System.     PS: Moving to London tomorrow. Wish me luck. Forecast for the Summer months shows a 100% chance of severe watch and shoe kopping.
I wanna wear long sleeves, but I still want everybody to see my GO, soooo ...  
Fair enough. Different strokes etc. I find it quite attractive in the smaller size and may end up trying one out on a brown leather strap someday.
 Can't say I see it. The AT dial has five lines of text plus a crest, same as the current Datejust. Current Sub has six lines of text plus a crest. And I think Omega should get props for running parallel 41.5 mm and 38.5 mm lines, even if the latter is officially (nudge, nudge) "for the ladies." The antimagnetic Master Coaxial also does away with the frame around the oddly-shaped date window, which is an improvement, in my opinion.  
Rather have this one!   http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2014/important-watches-n09159/lot.175.html   Now that's blowing an estimate.
 Do you want your Nobel Prize in Economics or Understatement, Frilly?
Hey, at least the service was free!
Starts with "B" and rhymes with "In Stitches".
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