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I believe that "twig and berries" is the preferred horological parlance.      As a sucker for blued hands, I like that Moser.
Watches and Jewelery of Bond St. -- 74 New Bond St. Online at www.watchcentre.com. For pricing, Chrono24 will give you a decent idea of what the going rates are.
The WG version is cool with the four quadrant dial. 
Yeah, there's a special place in hell for whichever Rolex marketer looked at those beautiful dials and went: "Hey you know what would really make these pop, some daubs of neon spray paint!"
Close to perfect, except for the stupid neon accents. 
Congrats Zach. Now go buy something classic that'll hold value ...  
The VC split seconds! Oh my word!   TT RO, NO GO.
Interesting times in the watch game!   As noted (and deplored) here many times, the manufacturers have been steadily raising prices since the early 2000s -- apparently without hurting sales. But I wonder if they can pass such a big bump straight through to buyers this time? Experience would suggest that an external shock of this magnitude will lead to competitive realignments in the industry -- we might even start to see some serious competition on price and value again...
Yeah, hitting balls with an RO on the wrist would make me wince a little. Even the big boys wait until after the round to put on the sponsor's product for the photo op. "Stomach in, Rolex out," as Gary Player is fond of advising.
I'm still dabbling in the shallower end of the blue-dial pond. Just recently ordered a nachtblau Weltzeit and a brown shell strap from Nomos. Think it's going to be a pretty decent combo.  
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