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Ok gents, so after taking in the advice of each person and a bit here and there, these are my final 4. Personally I am leaning towards white shirt/wine color tie combination. My least favorite is the blue shirt/wine color tie combination. Its good, but in terms of where it stacks up to the others would be in last place from my own choice.   The shoes - I found a pair of kenneth cole reaction shoes on sale (last one on the shelf and exactly my size to the 0.5!) which...
No actually, this was a test made by the company itself. It comprised of a few questions (12% roughly) on:   The company itself and their products (testing if you've done your research) Safety    Followed by the remaining questions based on the following:   Technical Drawings Manufacturing of metals - (including lean manufacturing principles and such) Production Line/Supply Chain   65% was the passing mark in order to be considered for an interview. 65 questions totaling...
Cool. Will update once I got it sorted. Roger that on the bottom button. I may just opt to get the suit altered versus new shoes...depends on what I can source tomorrow. Gonna be up bright and early to get this wrapped up tomorrow.(Y)   Hopefully this thread has also helped others who were maybe afraid to put themselves out there.   Cheers.
Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately that is currently the only "proper" suit I own. I have other black dress pants but no blazer to match. Here's a you think it would be wiser to go with a solid black pants/white shirt/blue tie combo (no blazer) versus the pin stripe suit/white shirt/blue tie combo?    Thanks again for the added tips.
Thanks for all the feedback gents....some were taken as a lesson.    Key points - Lose the shoes! White shirt! Less bright tie!    Get suit fitted as a bonus.   Get new suit altogether as a jackpot.   Interview's on the 10th so I've more than a week to get some of those items crossed off.   Cheers.
Hi all. My name's Kerry. I ended up joining the forum mainly to get opinions on a choice of suit/shirt/tie combo for an upcoming interview to be honest but this site sure has a lot to offer for the manly man. I'm sure i'll be mostly a lurker but will definitely post any relevant product reviews from time to time (budget side of things for a while anyhow). I'm generally a jeans/T kinda guy but really don't mind getting fancy for a night out. Can't say I've...
Hey all...ok so I'll have an interview coming up for a position in Engineering and was wondering about your opinion on the following.   I had to write a test in order to be selected for an interview so I wore this to the test...       Now here's what I would like to wear to the interview...(Of course I'll be shaved, shoes polished and cleaned up around the edges...but color combo wise...what do you think?   Thanks in advance.  
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