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Cetaphil cream moisturizer
Damn. It hurts just looking at that pic.
Both are very skilled but I'd have to give it to GSP due to his athleticism. BJ has to be in real good shape if he wants to go the distance.
I think you're just going to have to live with it.
Discount if it saves more money. Free shipping is usually slow. I don't think anyone has ever offered free international shipping. So that doesn't count.
Fits well, slim, ideal length, simple design, comfortable.
I voted white but after more thinking I decided charcoal. Sure it has twice as much miles on it but if its in good condition, saving a grand and having navigation makes up for it.
I still haven't been to a comic con even though I live in SD. A few of my friends went. Maybe I'll go next year, if I have money.
I'm a student. Electical Engineering major. I just started going to college 2 years ago. Doing pretty well so far, planning to look into some some internship opportunities and whatnot that my school offers.
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