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2. Yes, the master tailor is still the one who was trained in Italy. 
AcTraditionally, there is.
Hi Max! I think everyone's suggestions are great - keep it simple and classic. These are the mark of an elegant, well-dressed man. Maintain the traditional way of doing it, and you'll never go wrong. Fine dressing is not fashion-led, it's an art. Btw, personally, slim type shoes will look perfect on you. Just consider what type of trousers are you wearing - with cuffs or without. Lace-up shoes if with cuffs. The usual slip-on shoes if without cuffs. But if you already...
  Hi! We don't really have a "house cut" like Anderson and Sheppard and the likes. But we do both "Drape Cut" for more comfortable arm movement and "Tapered Cut'. Depends on the client's requirement actually. But what is best with how we do it is that everything is done by hand. The attachment of the sleeves to the armhole is done by hand which gives perfect shape and function. :)
Master Tailor of Tiño was a former Master Tailor of Brioni. He studied techniques in Italy so the construction of the suit is basically handcrafted and follows bespoke standrds. Tiño does it's suit in full haircloth/canvass (no paste or stiffener whatsoever). By the way, I'm the owner of Tiño so you can ask me anything about suits and shirts. I'll be more than delighted to answer them.
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