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Def get the 257, the 256 is a tight squeeze w a mbp15, charger and done notebooks
That blue looks nice!
Cannot find email. http://www.filson.com/filson/customer-care/customer-support/shipping/ http://www.filson.com/filson/customer-care/customer-support/ordering/ 1.800.624.0201
Poena, Would love to see a photo of the15 inch MacBook Pro inside 257 if possible. thank you
Dies it slide in, or do you have to work it? The 15" MVP fits fine on center of my 256.
Oh well I must say the 256 is a beautiful, heavy duty bag for sure, leather is top notch and strap latches are heavy duty. The issue is having to put my 15" MBP in the center compartment because it does not fit in the side compartments. I am highly doubting the MBP would fit in the side compartment of the 257 either since they are the same width. Anybody using the 257 with a 15" MBP in side compartment?
Don't know about the navy bags, but I have a tan, 22oz, 256 arriving Monday. I hope it is big enough or it goes up for sale to fund the 257!
Hello is it still available?
Hello all, Looking for specific style items, therefore I am here.
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