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Recs for good quality, affordable ($50>) sweatshits? 
Persepolis (2007) is such a great film. It gives a very interesting perspective on the roles of women not only in 1980s Iran, but everywhere IMO
anyone try the supima knitwear or steteco shorts?
Thoughts on Lana del Rey's new album? seems pretty solid to me, better put together than her previous works.
Jawn- Kopping
What's the difference between the gray tag slim fit OCBD and the white tag slim fit OCBD?
1. Stealthily find her measurements2. Make a TOJ0 in the Jason Bourne colorway3. Buy wine, gasoline and matches4. Ask her out on a date to the park5. Give her the real TOJ0 and burn the knockoff as you sip wine
How long have you been waiting?
Any more pics?
Looks OK but really expensive
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