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Speaking of which: I just got these 'Crocket and Jones' boots for a great price. I'm not sure what they'd usually go for, but I suspect that the missing 't' knocked at least £40/50 off.  
Thanks, mimo - both posts were very helpful!
Hello guys. Nice forum you have here - I discovered it whilst researching shoes.   I'm a twenty-something guy from the UK. Would like to be more interested in classic fashion and shoes... but unfortunately I have no money as a result of being a postgrad student. Additionally, I put off buying clothes because I'm convinced I'll lose this beer gut sometime soon. ;)   Obsessive music collector. Whisky drinker. Poetry reader.
(Just created my account and (surprise surprise) I'm immediately posting a question. This seems the least annoying place for it - though let me know if there's a more appropriate thread, or if starting a new thread would be acceptable.)   Is anyone able to recommend UK retailers for British-made, goodyear welted, classic design (esp. oxford-style) shoes under £100? I realise £100 is a very limited budget in this market, but what are my best options at this price...
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