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I'm looking to buy brand new white Achilles in size 39. I am flexible on the price.   PM to negotiate! 
What does broken nose mean? Doesn't sound good haha And what does all that entail, what kinds of glasses and hairstyles should I use to balance out my face. 
 That's about as far as I can go, what do you think?
Here's a picture without the lines around it. Does that still look heart shape? Thanks for the feedback    
Lol purposely blurred it out but I sketched around the perimeter of my face to emphasize the shape of it.    I can put another picture up the the edges more clear and only the center blurred out if you think itll be easier to determine the shape. 
What face shape do you think my head is? I've heard people say it's round and diamond, but I can't tell. I'm looking to get a new hairstyle (maybe combover) and sunglasses and I think determining my facial shape is the best first step.      What do you guys think?
Does this work, I know reds and greeds give off a christmas-y vibe but does olive and burgundy do the same? I'm wearing olive chinos, a burgundy and black shirt, black shoes, and a black merino sweater.    Thoughts? 
This guy is legit, bought some black achilles and they're great Great service, I'll post feedback on him profile soon
Where can I try on sunglasses brands that are not as hyped like Raybans, Persol, Mauis ect   I'm digging the look of Retrosuperfutures but I need to try on sunglasses before buying them. I live in the San Francisco area, any shops that specialize in this kind of stuff? 
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