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I am around 230 pounds so proportionately for me it should be 3 bottles per week which equals mine half a bottle a day.
I work in finance but inside I am definitely not a "formal suit person" - don't like navy and dark grey. Prefer light grey, grey striped or royal blue suits which let me feel more relaxed.    Do you think light brown shoes are ok with a light grey suit in hot summer days? This color heats up much less than black .    
Thank you!
I am 5ft 9in, stocky build with wide shoulders and a belly. Just bought 46s size SS suit in Sevilla fit, which fits me well. The suit is great and I want to buy some more. I understand that London fit is also relaxed in the waist but it's only available in plain navy which I find boring. Which other SS fits are comparatively roomy in the belly area? Napoli?
Half a bottle of wine or couple of cocktails in the evening almost every day   Do you think this is normal or on a high side?
I am short and square 5 ft 9 in, 230 pounds Wide shoulders and a belly. My size is normally 46S. Just bought a Sevilla fit suit from SuitSupply. I can't button the jacket but overall it looks fine on me. Need to lose 2-3 kilos to button it up) The quality of the suit is excellent!   I understand London fit is also roomy in the waist, but it is only available in Navy Blue which is boring.    Which other SS fits are relatively wide in the waist? Napoli? Sienna?
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