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I want to purchase this, but the price is super low, the listing already didn't sell once, and I'm just sketched out about buying clothes on ebay.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/EUC-GIANLUCA-ISAIA-NAPOLI-Navy-Windowpane-38R-Blend-Blazer-CYS-/301220482715?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item462223ce9b   Any info would be appreciated on this. Basically, is it real?
College is a good time to start experimenting with clothes.   Styleforum - at least my assumption about it - is targeted mainly towards people with established wardrobes and looks, and focuses on the more advanced fashion elements, like stitch and piece quality, matching patterns, enhancing looks, etc.    You're still at a pretty basic level of operation right now.    Nonetheless, if everyone would stop bantering you might get some help.   For college, know that...
no, but every ally country in the war gave me a medal
thats one argument.   others argue that it represents how different he is from Tom, Daisy, and essentially the rest of the 1920s. Tom and Daisy representing carelessness, Gatsby representing, as Nick puts it, "hope".   But I bought the suit because I'm a big fan of Gatsby, and felt it was appropriate to purchase at least one piece from the line. If I'm going to drop 600+, I'd much rather get the pink suit - something that is unique to the line - than a white suit...
shoes seem a little out of place...maybe its just me, but with the entire suit being and style being unanimously blue, the shoes are a little loud/random...for me at least
Casual walk through new york with the gf :D  
        Here's a pic of it in the bag before bringing it to get tailored. Sorry about the poor quality. It's sharper in person. 
lol exactly. Luckily I go to school in Boston - specifically BU - where its not out of the ordinary to see any fashion style, no matter the season. I'm in a business fraternity (aka business club), and suits are mandatory. I'll probably wear it to a meeting when I feel like mixing it up.    Pics will definitely come.   I do have a tough body shape. I have an athletic build and soccer legs (big strong thighs, lean/cut stomach and broader shoulders), so its difficult to fit...
Exciting day for me.    Most people who know me (which is most likely no one on here, given my low post count - lol), know that I am a fanatic about the Great Gatsby, in the context of literature. I've read the book about 7 or 8 times, and have written many essays in my spare time about my own arguments and theories regarding the text. I've taken a class on the novel in college, and have read countless scholarly essays by others on the piece of work. Needless to say,...
I go to school in Boston, and a majority of the people dress nicely. Not suits or sports coats every day, but definitely presentable items that deviate from normality (relevant to other cities). So as far as sexuality goes, not many people will judge you for wearing nice clothes.    However, when I come home with a few new, more "out there" pieces that are considered standard in Boston, my mom will make a comment about looking gay.    Oh how the world works. 
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