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I spoke with a woman at Sterling and Burke about SAB. She stated that they no longer carry SAB cases because they could not get them in a timely manner. However, the do sell SAB copies, which are made by craftsmen who are experienced in working with bridle leather. I specifically asked if they used former SAB craftsmen; however, she did not respond. Their cases are roughly the same price as SAB cases. In light of this, I feel that their bags are overpriced. I'm sure the...
No one?
I don't know about custom, but if you're willing to buy off the rack, I believe like Fossil would be a good place to look.
Gentlemen, I'm looking into an SAB case. I currently have a Saddleback, and while it's terrific, it's a bit too rugged for a professional environment. I'm considering either the Westminster II or the Whitehall. I love the Whitehall, but I am concerned that it may be out of place in non-formal environments and that it's capacity may be too much. Price may be the deciding factor. Second, I've read about going through Classic Luggage or through SAB. Is one recommended over...
Can someone please explain to me the relationship between SAB, Brooks Brothers, and Peal as well as any other relevant information? For example, when one says SAB for BB, does this mean that SAB has designed a line specifically for them to sell and is separate and, perhaps, not in the same league as their other products?
I agree with you wholeheartedly about using a shoulder strap while wearing a suit. I currently have a Saddleback briefcase. While it is a wonderful bag, I feel that it is too rugged to carry as a strapless briefcase; it would be akin to wearing jeans with oxfords/bals.
Great article. I thought that I would pass this along. It seems that style and elegance are experiencing a resurgence in this area.   Thoughts on shoulder straps?
As for the foam roller, you're much better off buying a Rumble Roller. The points are much stiffer and don't compress like most textured rollers do. The blue is more than sufficient for most people.
I'm new here (relatively). Can someone please explain the rules/purpose to this?
Sorry, I was never notified of your response. Meeting up somewhere with a good scotch and beer selection would be good. Any ideas on how to get more people involved?
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