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It comes in today and ill be sure to post pics soon. I started on this forum looking for a watch sub 3k, then 5k, and ended up with under 7k. I hate you guys...but i also thank you guys. hahah damn watches I think the jlc would go nice with my omega speedmaster.  BTW, if i didnt have the speedmaster, I would have really thought about the Omega Dark Side of the Moon Beauty
I appreciate all the comments and thoughts on the JLC Navy Diver   IMO, I think its one of the best looking divers out there.  In fact, the only reason i even looked into it, was because I could not stop staring at it when watching the Lettermen Show as Bill Clinton was wearing it.    I understand the hesitation for people to accept, I guess if Im okay with knowing it has in house JLC movement and looks the way it does....good for me
Why is there no love for this watch? its a limited edition watch, 1500 pieces, but is readily available......initially that was a cause for concern
 What are your thoughts on the basic complication JLCs Im glad ppl are having this discussion, very informative, especially when a noob is about to purchase a jlc navy divers watch I love the aesthetics and think its a great looking divers watch.
  Ive decided....   JLC Master Compressor Navy Seals Diving watch....     just gotta find a dealer and will be ordering it soon!
Anyone know where I can find a pre-owned Omega Planet Ocean Ceragold?
Thanks...I do like the one you posted.   Zenith works in the budget...so have really been looking into them.   Thanks again
About a week ago I was about to order the Nomos Tangonat GMT Plus....then got cold feet   I still love the watch... but I also like the zenith open chronomaster   they are completely opposite watches.   II have an old, 10 years, omega speedmaster and want a dressier watch to go along with it   Will I get tired of the simplicity of the Nomos....or will i get tired of the open design on the chronomaster?   And just for kicks, i like the zenith dualtime...
Yea..I loooked up the authorized dealers..I may have to.  Theres on in Austin too   I called Tourneau, and they carry it online.  I would have to give a refundable deposit and they would send it in store for me to see/try on. They dont carry the GMT version, but are checking up on it.   thanks again for all the help
Houston, TX
New Posts  All Forums: