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I might have to give those Outlier's a shot, thanks!
What kind of socks are you guys wearing with these boots? Speaking material & thickness-wise. Or if any at all.   Any recommendations are appreciated!
Friends,   How do the fringed boots fit compared to the Chelseas, other than the slim shaft?
The ochres are so damn pretty.
 Love these. Got them in Friday. Wasn't planning on pulling the trigger but when I hovered over my size 40 & it said Last One. Didn't want to risk it & VERY glad I didn't. Fit pics sometime this weekend.  Jodhpurs are likely next. Thanks @echau, for helping me with sizing on NT.
Is it safe to assume a shorter gentleman (5'6) would probably look better in a cropped jodhpur vs a regular one?
What is the general consensus on wearing a shell cordovan boot (let's just say Dalton) with a vibram sole in snow? And how well can (the uppers/soles) handle crazy snow?
Been waiting for the Long Branch to go on sale in my elusive E width. Pulled the trigger with $35 giftcard via AE.com. SUPER STOKED I'll finally have an casual boot!
Gentlemen,   On the 5-last, is the difference between an E and EEE great?
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