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I'm only selling the above 40 because I have the SLP chelsea in Tobacco. Otherwise I would've kept them.
Hi All,   April 20th batch. Size 40 Tobacco (1.2) Chelseas for sale. Taken out only for pictures. Not even tried on. PM me.      
Bless you.
A few weeks ago someone posted a playlist to all the runway songs thru all the seasons. & I'm frustrated I can't find it....   If someone has this list please share or DM.
Since these aren't on the site, would I be able to find these in-store or not likely?  
I might have to give those Outlier's a shot, thanks!
What kind of socks are you guys wearing with these boots? Speaking material & thickness-wise. Or if any at all.   Any recommendations are appreciated!
Friends,   How do the fringed boots fit compared to the Chelseas, other than the slim shaft?
The ochres are so damn pretty.
New Posts  All Forums: