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D02 ! But honestly they both look very good.
Finally! Got my hands on some ds Jodhs for a great price.... Pretty confident I'm done with SLP footwear since I'm not big on the harness models.     Rotation:  
Trying to clarify: If I order something from Farfetch that's about $900 and the boutique is from Italy, will I receive customs/duties charges being from the States?
 Will depend on where you live. Calf is better for colder climates, as the leather is thicker & will resist wear better. Lamb is soft & more comfortable imo, but will wear quicker.  I'm in socal, & after seeing and feeling both, I prefer lamb. But if i still lived in Chicago, I'd probably get the calf.
Looks like the seller is pissed that he got caught.
Not a big fan of the contrast stitching.
Thanks, gents!
  If ya'll had to choose between the above and regular jodhs but you like both somewhat equally, which would you choose?
Will the Western belt disappear after FW16 or is it the type of item that will stay around for a bit?
Would a size 75 belt fit a 27/28 waist?
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