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What is the general consensus on wearing a shell cordovan boot (let's just say Dalton) with a vibram sole in snow? And how well can (the uppers/soles) handle crazy snow?
Been waiting for the Long Branch to go on sale in my elusive E width. Pulled the trigger with $35 giftcard via AE.com. SUPER STOKED I'll finally have an casual boot!
Gentlemen,   On the 5-last, is the difference between an E and EEE great?
Just some light brushing.
I guess I've been lucky. Every MTO I've ever done came in perfect shape. Just can't stop looking at my Spectators.
My MTO Bourbon/Brown Broadstreets arrived today.
After seeing all the slushy ice in Chicago I think I am forced to put some tap soles on my Daltons. I think that's the least I can do. 
Great stuff GOP. Wheeled edges and dressing color really make it pop~
Thanks for all the info, Gents. Since the weather is getting more and more horrid here in Chicago I was thinking about doing a Bayfield boot w/ some mini lug soles. The only issue is that I can't decide what I want the upper to be.
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