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Thanks for clearing that up!
Just a noob question, why are Viberg boots so hard to come by? Unlike Red Wing and even Alden boots, I can't simply find them at some online store or something. 
Hi guys, I'm really interested in picking up a pair of Alden Indy's. I have reviews, opinions, and seen many pictures of them, I must say, I really admire the quality of these boots.   One problem I hope someone could help me out with is the sizing. I currently have Red Wing GT's in a size 8D, should I get the Alden Indy in the same size or should I size up or down half a size?   Thanks.
Are the sizes posted in that thread UK sizes? I'm confused lol...
Hi everyone,   I'm Joe Barker, I'm currently living in Tampa, Fl. I've been lately new to the whole fashion world. I'm very interested in denim and boots, I really like leather goods too. Before I joined, I browsed the forum and checked out denim threads as well as the threads for boots like Viberg, Wolverine, and Alden...   Like I said, I just got into the whole raw denim scene, I bought myself a pair of 1947 LVC and 3Sixteen SL-100x. I'm looking forward to see...
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