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I'm around 5'11 + 145lbs and own the Chilliwack in XS and a Chateau in S The Chilliwack in XS is bigger than a Chateau in S, so I'd recommend sizing up on the Banff as well (assuming the Banff fits like a Chilliwack)
Do not deal with this user:
Quote: Originally Posted by BubblyMasquerade shipping to canada takes a while. idk tho Thing is I've messaged him 3 times (2 pm's, 1 email) asking for an update and he would not even reply edit: Has anyone bought anything from Cali before? I had put my trust in him because he seems to have sold multiple things on this site before, wondering if he usually ships without a follow up. Though, the retarded thing I did was pay by gift (thought...
Has anyone heard from user Cali? I paid the guy for a pair of boots on Sept. 5th and have not heard back from him since then.
i prefer to go alone as i figure i like to spend my time, wouldn't want to keep someone waiting . allows me to browse for things but not have intention to buy, cause i know that i'd be annoyed to watch someone browse for hours but not buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsyde82 anyone know where I can get laces comparable to the ones used for CPs? in white that is... check out a sneaker shop and see if they carry a brand of laces called Braid Lace, i just got some today for my mid top cp's in the 63" laces, and they look very similar to cp laces, only problem is that they're longer than the original cp laces braid lace web site
are the dior black plain toes still availble? i sent you a pm the other day, just waiting your your reply.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tonybag0dohnutz JW if any of the people in the first batch got their shipments. Happy Holidays! Yes, I can confirm that one other user and I recieved our packages on the 24th Thanks alot Kane!
I would guess they closed registrations to prevent banned users from creating new accounts since they recently had a ban-a-thon.
From thegrapist in the dior thread on sufu: How does the sizing work? The waist when laid flat measures half the tag size plus one. Meaning a 28 is 15" (28/2 + 1). A 30 measures 16", a 31 is 16.5", and so on. Finally, the hem measurements. For Raw MIJ, the hems work like this: 19cm: A size 32 measures 19cm. a 31 measures 18.5cm, a 30 is 18cm, a 33 is 19.5cm. You should be able to figure out the rest from there.
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