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Alden 8.5d Cordovan Wingtips in very good condition. These are the standard short wing balmorals. Professionally cleaned and polished and includes new laces. Also includes original bags, box, and woodlore shoe trees. Only selling because they are too small. I let the sales person talk me into the wrong size. Otherwise I love these shoes and they look the business. Only thing to note on condition is some of the broguing isn't as sharp as I might like, but overall they...
I killed a Alden cordovan shoe. I bought them used and wore them for a few years. They fell apart on me on a recent trip to NYC. Any ideas what do with them now? Here's a short write up here: http://cordovanwingtips.com/the-death-of-a-shoe
I picked up a pair of Danner Mountain Lights a couple weeks back. Here's a quick review.
Studio D'Artisan Jeans SD601. Purchased and chain stitched in the Ueno district of Tokyo. Washed a few times. Very slubby denim as you can see from the pictures. These shrunk quite a bit, and I grew quite a bit, so I would like to find them a new home. Current measurements are: 35" waist. 30" inseam. 10" rise. I still have these available. Will ship worldwide. Buyer pays shipping costs. This is a great price for classic Japanese denim.
Speakers are subjective. Thiel's for instance use very sophisticated engineering, but to me the end result is uninvolving. Fostex full range speakers don't measure flat at all, but their midrange, especially with strings, is wonderful. I have to admit I'm up in the air over the cross over magic in the older Kefs and BBC monitors. Sometimes I love them other times I feel they are constrained. And this is the style forum. The Sonus Fabers are the most appealing...
Main: Marantz 8 Kef 105.2 Bedroom: Fisher kx-400 Sonus faber minima amator (these speakers kill for their size) Office: Bottlehead SET monoblocs Fostex fullrange speakers Office 2 (for sale!): Dynaco st-70 Vandersteen 2ce Garage: Fisher 400 Super beat kef 105s Other: Marantz 8b (needs work, but in good condition) McIntosh c11 (great condition somewhat scared to use it) Counterpoint pre-amp Scott 22b Rare Pioneer tube receiver
I have a 911. I personally love the design. It is timeless. 993 IMHO is the height of classic Porsche engineering. But be warned, these things are finicky as hell. Every single incarnation of the air cooled 911 had some sort of problem. Pre 74 are expensive and have rust issues. 74-77 2.7s are almost all project cars. 3.0 has a lot of issues with the engine management system, but still considered one of the most reliable. The 3.2 is a great engine with modern...
I just picked up a pair of Florsheim Kenmoor Imperials from e-bay which I hoped were an American made vintage. Turns out they are Italian made. Overall the quality seems good. They have a double leather sole and rubber heal. Overall a step down from my Alden's, but not bad. Any idea what the vintage might be? Unfortunately I don't have my camera, so I will have to post pictures next week.
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