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Hi themotochic! I would be careful with this one. People are getting burned by some of these start ups that over promise and under deliver... Perhaps even by the same people starting this brand. Try Iron Heart for motorcycle jeans; expensive as hell, but they are some of the best jeans money can buy. Extra long staple cotton, super duper heavy selvedge fabrics, softer than baby kittens, hard as nails, crazy nice details, hidden rivets and the like… The 555 cut is said to...
Those are White's Bounty Hunters in natural Chromexel.
technovox, you might want to check out Iron Heart's IHSH-33 and IHSH-76… JP prices are essentially same as Gustin per weight, but Iron Heart is constructed to a much higher standard and is all extra long staple cotton.   IHSH-76 stands on it's own:
John Smedley is a British company that has been making some of the worlds finest knitwear for over 200 years using the best quality natural fibers available. Here’s a great video about John Smedley’s manufacturing process:   Buying a John Smedley product is not just about purchasing a piece of fine knitwear, it’s an entire experience which is delightful and thoroughly engaging. For me the process went like this: visit the John Smedley website, do some research,...
Finally got one of these shirts  John Smedley’s Sea Island Cotton T-shirt Review: Fabric: The shirt is a nice loose knit fabric that a nice loft to it and outstanding breathability for the summer. I would characterize the fabric as mid-weight. – Cotton: Sea Island cotton is the #1 finest quality variety of cotton in the world. This (http://www.kaitoumen.co.jp/cont-en-02-02.html) explains the many unique qualities of sea island cotton.    ...
Love these Japanese made 1965 Archival Reissue PF Flyers. They feel much sturdier and better made than even my old American converse. The thick canvas and cotton laces are great and I really like how the toe slightly curves up. Tagged size 10 and fit about like a 10.5.       
4characters is not an ant.I have proof:
John Smedley Sea Island cotton T-shirt.     I will only post two pictures this time. 
I’ve have this old Sea Island cotton polo for a while now. The original manufactures name tag is gone, however there are still some tags left...  Anybody have an idea who makes this shirt or about what age it is? Is this a John Smedley shirt?  
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