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4characters is not an ant.I have proof:
John Smedley Sea Island cotton T-shirt.     I will only post two pictures this time. 
I’ve have this old Sea Island cotton polo for a while now. The original manufactures name tag is gone, however there are still some tags left...  Anybody have an idea who makes this shirt or about what age it is? Is this a John Smedley shirt?  
IHxB01 @ about 1.5 years              
John Smedley Sea Island cotton colour card    (didn’t actually cost anything, but it sure will lead to purchase(s))
John Smedley is a British company that makes knitwear of the finest quality in Great Britain and has been doing so for more than 200 years. It is a family business for and has been for 8 generations; it still owned and operated by members of the Smedley family. The machines they have are awesome and they use some really great materials my favorite of which is Sea Island cotton which is world renowned for its sheen, softness, extra long staple, fine fiber, and...
It’s so exciting to be able to finally buy a pair of high-quality American made sneakers! It sure is a shame that the company is not Gustin….   (face-palm)
                              This: http://www.ironheart.co.uk/cutnsewn/ihtb-01.html
                            IHTB-01 Review: Fabric:  First off, it’s a super beefy 10oz fabric with two-ply yarns and a snug weave. My initial thoughts are that this shirt is very bright and shiny. The sheen and use of color is so great. Taking it out of the wrapping it feels incredibly heavy, firm, rough, and hairy. At first it almost reminded me on an old hemp sweatshirt that I had, but upon a closer feel it seems to have a...
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