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According to the website: "The organic cotton was grown in Helm, California." Also, though California is extremely dry it has some rather amazing aqueducts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Aqueduct
PuraKai is a nice little company out of San Diego that makes clothing from high-quality natural materials.   I got a couple of shirts from PuraKai and I'm very pleased with the quality. They are made in California from locally grown organic cotton which is super cool. They are extremely comfortable shirts too! Perfectly breathable for summer. I believe PuraKai uses Pima cotton.   The package:   The shirts:                     Look...
Custom Wesco's:        
^ Curious about this as well.
PuraKai makes good quality t-shirts:                           The shirt pictured is the California Grown Organic Crew LS
Amazingly Comfortable Shirts Made By: PuraKai PuraKai is a nice little San Diego based company which has only recently come into being. The company was founded by great idealistic father/daughter duo who love surfing and wanted to make a shirt that could help reverse some of the damage that is being inflicted on our oceans and those who surf it. They did this by creating an outstanding local California supply chain using local organic materials and local...
Iron Heart makes good quality t-shirts.                     IHPT-04 - V Neck Pocket T-Shirt Review: This is my first Iron Heart t-shirt. It’s nothing like any other t-shirt I've ever owned: it's much nicer. Generally speaking I severely dislike v-necks, but I really like this v-neck.   Fabric: It is really the exact fabric I was hoping it would be: Very heavy and rugged, yet noticeably softer than even most of my Supima tees. Loopwheeled...
New Wesco's today: Wesco Review time! The Leather:The burlap leather is really nice, thick, and velvety soft: feels like buckskin! Though I will need to put some LP on it so it won’t be so absorbent. It is already starting to show some discoloration and scuffing even though I just got them today so I will be treating them to help seal the leather against heavy staining. Stitching:Stitching is awesome; I really like the two tone stitching with the super thick stitch in the...
Fine looking boots @daizawaguy. Just got a new pair of boots myself (today!) Wesco:
Thank you nstarleather. I really appreciate your insight and openness.
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