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Some lucky man's Shark SJ's: http://imgur.com/a/MHgRp
Glad to help mate.I also just got a:"Thank you for backing The Zimbabwe!"And just in time too… 100% funded.
Due to the physical properties of Zimbabwe cotton it will fade much better than upland. Just look up any company that uses Zimbabwe cotton and see sick fades...
Personally would go for the Zimbabwe, but that’s just me… I have found that long staple cotton usually lasts much longer and has more beautiful fades.
phantomx48--- That’s a tasty pair of boots!  Can’t wait to see how they age… 
Very nice…
To be clear, White’s boots are my favorite boots in the world. I love the quality standards, the fit, comfort, styling, durability, etc. I’m absolutely in love with all my White’s boots. I’m not sure about jumping ship yet… Merely exploring my options as who knows what will happen…  Bingham-- Handsome boots sir! The shape of the toe is very sleek looking are they soft toe?
Think I’ll stick around here now…
Also good news: Nicks "We are proud that all of our boots are handmade in the USA and we are 100% USA owned." http://nicksboots.com/shop.html
Or this: http://www.bakershoe.com/Product/Detail/retro-oxford-by-whites-boots/
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