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American Summer Style: Authentic Hawaiian Shirts The Hawaiian shirt is a truly great piece of Americana prized for its bright colors and lovely patterns. Today it’s getting a little harder to find authentic Hawaiian shirts, but they are still out there and able to be found on sites like ebay and etsy. I ran into this shirt quite by accident, but upon taking a closer look I noticed that it was a real gem of an old shirt. It was made in the 1960’s by a Hawaiian company...
Just a friendly reminder : "Always" means always....
This is cool. A slim fit chambray western with sawtooth pockets, diamond snaps, and red stitching:
Rockmount is an authentic western-wear company out of Denver, Colorado.   Here are some Rockmount shirts:   Bob Dylan on the cover of the Rolling Stone wearing a Rockmount shirt:     The website: https://www.rockmount.com/
Updated List:   Flint And Tinder: Uses Supima for their t-shirts and briefs. Supima is a top quality hybrid (that means cotton plant on cotton plant, not GMO) Made In USA IRON HEART: "We use NO GM cotton in any of our products (Iron Heart)." made with U.S. long staple cotton. Pure Blue Japan: "Our cotton is not genetically modified (Pure Blue Japan)." The Strike Gold: Freely shares denim with Pure Blue Japan (PBJ never uses GMOs) and also uses rare and fine cotton...
Reigning Champ X Everlast N.Y. The devil is in the details:                           Reigning Champ X Everlast N.Y. Review: The craftsmanship is impeccable. Super thick poly stitching. Hefty/dense/soft cotton fabric. Thick ribbed fabric at side seams, collar, and very bottom with a bit of elastic. Nice shiny pitch black color. Screen printing is really well done. Everything on it feels rugged with no weak points or neglected...
15 pictures of one thing.
Reigning Champ X Everlast N.Y.                            
According to the website: "The organic cotton was grown in Helm, California." Also, though California is extremely dry it has some rather amazing aqueducts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Aqueduct
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