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Iron Heart makes good quality t-shirts.                     IHPT-04 - V Neck Pocket T-Shirt Review: This is my first Iron Heart t-shirt. It’s nothing like any other t-shirt I've ever owned: it's much nicer. Generally speaking I severely dislike v-necks, but I really like this v-neck.   Fabric: It is really the exact fabric I was hoping it would be: Very heavy and rugged, yet noticeably softer than even most of my Supima tees. Loopwheeled...
New Wesco's today: Wesco Review time! The Leather:The burlap leather is really nice, thick, and velvety soft: feels like buckskin! Though I will need to put some LP on it so it won’t be so absorbent. It is already starting to show some discoloration and scuffing even though I just got them today so I will be treating them to help seal the leather against heavy staining. Stitching:Stitching is awesome; I really like the two tone stitching with the super thick stitch in the...
Fine looking boots @daizawaguy. Just got a new pair of boots myself (today!) Wesco:
Nice work on the new shirt designs.  
Thank you nstarleather. I really appreciate your insight and openness.
1/3 of the price is quite a bit less. Are the standard leathers also US sourced?
Nice work and very impressive price point’s nstarleather. I especially like your Horween Leather Credit Card Trucker Wallet.
Thanks, it's a medium classic workshirt and I'm about 6’1’’ tall with about 40 chest. I wear large in Iron Heart for reference.
Well spotted, they are White’s. The boots actually have the SJ last with a soft toe which makes it look sort of like the swing last because the soft toe comes up a bit after some use.
Gustin Zimbabwe cotton workshirt in medium classic:
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