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^ You sure know how to give a man boot envy…
It really is more than just hype; the specs of the cotton are superior to that of Pima and many others making it the cotton of choice for many of the highest-end denim brands. Maybe some of the cotton varieties from Zimbabwe are declining in quality, but the extra long staple variety grown there is still top notch.
Just soaked my Zimbabwe jeans and they got tons softer. I’m so impressed with this amazing cotton I just backed the Zimbabwe workshirt. I can’t even believe they are actually doing a Zimbabwe workshirt, this is going to be awesome. Here are some pictures of my Zimbabwe jeans (these pictures don’t even begin to capture the silkiness of this denim): #ZIMBABWEWORKSHIRT is here: https://www.weargustin.com/store/995
Look what just came in the mail: Thorogood sneakers I was quite surprised with the quality of these; they are really top notch sneakers with nice thick almost boot-like leather(no fake leather at all), a sculpted fit, good support, hefty laces, and a Vibram sole. Much better quality than Air Jordans.                     These: http://www.weinbrennerusa.com/dspNavCategory.cfm?rootid=2&catid=157
Just received my Gustin Zimbabwe The good: They have details such as belt loops sewn into waist band, selvedge belt loop, selvedge fly, super thick leather patch, and decent constructional chain stitching. I really like the fit of the 32 straight; surprisingly it’s actually one of my better fits. The leg opening doesn’t seem as big as I thought it would. The Zimbabwe cotton feels and looks amazing (super soft, silky, and shiny) even in its current brand new starch...
Gustin quality is on the rise, not the profit margin. For example: Try to find Zimbabwe cotton jeans for $135 or a Zimbabwe cotton workshirt for $136 anywhere else. These prices are simply unprecedented and amazing for the quality.     Regarding the duffels: a Gustin promotional email said “We launched our duffels in classic navy, olive and brown fabrications. Now, we're changing the pace a bit. New shades of waxed canvas, thicker black latigo leather from Wicket and...
No, never happened to my CXL SD's. This should be a material defect assuming they didn’t come into contact with any sharp objects...Absolutely, I would be certain that White’s would stand by the structural integrity of their product.
I agree 100% with making high-rise jeans with a bit of a taper. I didn’t particularly like the measurements on either models, but I eventually decided to go for it and size down on a straight cut…. And I’ll see how that works out in October… In the meantime, knowing my measurements, I would like jeans with a high rise and more taper than the straight… Thanks
!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Where did you find these awesome boots b-ewing?
 Nice boots! But please be careful with the coconut oil… Might want to use LP instead…
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