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I have some Nike pro combat shirts. I don't know if those are what you mean, they might be technical shirts, but they might even be better at cooling me down than my own natural skin. Seriously, those things are unbelievable in the cooling aspect and plus they can really bring out your physique if you have a good one.   Other than those shirts I have also tried some low compression socks, the ones below the ankle. I couldn't really tell any difference between those and...
There is absolutely nothing gay about shaving your armpits and it really helps with sweating too. I have never felt stubble annoy me or cause me pain. But at rare cases it might itch after the first time.
Does he know what the Hugo Boss looks like? Besides the label there shouldn't be anything special about Boss suits and since the label is at the back of your neck, he won't see it either.
I think that being so insulted by a company that isn't even owned by Germans any more to be kind of strange. I mean if we are going there, then these companies are off-limits: Kodak, IBM, The Coca-Cola Company(Especially Fanta), Hugo Boss, The Volkswagen Group( Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porche, SEAT, Škoda, Ducati, MAN, Scania, Neoplan and of course Volkswagen cars. Hitler actually named the Beetle), Bayer(The inventors of aspirin and was a division of a company...
Does anybody else have insufficient permission problems when trying to open Joffrey's link?
I don't see the collar-over-lapel look in those pictures. Coming from Europe that is pretty standard youth clothing here, minus the hair styles though.   When talking of the collar-over-lapel look then you must consider the fact that even old-school Russian gangsters(The fake Adidas guys) think that look is horrible and to be mocked and laughed at. I'm not old enough to be from the 70s so I am asking: Did that look even work for the ladies of that time or do the old tv...
I have always bought silk ties before, because here it's either that, polyester or some places sell microfiber too. I know that polyester is a big no-no as it is a horrible material for ties. I might be presented with an excellent microfiber tie so I would really want to know the cons of this material.   My question is, what are the cons of a tie made from microfiber?
I really loved the visual style and the merging of ye olde style film making with the new digital. Anderson did a good job on this one, liked the characters aswell.
Congratulations and you picked a really beautiful name!
Just watched "La grande Bellezza"("The Great Beauty"). This movie is great, I would not have gone to watch it if it wasn't for some last minute coincidences. A truly excellent movie that has already won a lot of awards, for example, best director, best actor, best operator etc. It is an Italian movie that I find really refreshing and something that I did not expect at all. You will be thinking of it long after leaving the cinema hall. Also because this is styleforum, it as...
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