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 Hi! Herring says it's F but I think it's slightly smaller compared to my other F shoes (e.g. Barker Grant / Cheaney). It can feel a bit crammed but do-able. The last is not exciting but better than my Loake =\ Leather is about right, supple and goes nicely with cream/wax polish. I've been subjecting this pair to rainstorm in summer (rather heavy here in Southeast Asia) but with sufficient care they are still fine. Don't have much complaint at this price.
Have been really some time since posting....     Herring Lambeth by Barker     Cheaney Warwick Black     Honestly I become obsessed with chiseled toe...
hi guys. new to SF. my 0.2 cents (yeah...) to this excellent thread:       Barker Vivaldi (from Anniversary Collection), bought when it was on sale...
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