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Hi friends, I just ordered a leather MA-1 and TOJ0. Still unsure what colour for the TOJ0.   Does anyone have a grey/black or grey/grey or black/grey combo? I'm curious what is the combo of the one posted on the tumblr. Looks really good.   To rephrase, does anyone have regrets going with black/black and think a grey/black combo might work better?   Cheers
Wow what is that? It looks good, I'm surprised at how different they look from Epaulet's photos
How do you guys deal with raw denim and dye getting on shoes?
Sweet, looks great! Better than I thought, cause I thought it would turn kinda muddy brown. What kind of care products have you used on it to retain the natural shade?
I've used the search function and found it difficult to find my answer.   Are natural Chromexcel shoes going to change a lot, in terms of colour and wear? I would like to get a pair of natural Chromexcel PTB to wear with raw denim, but I don't think they will look as good when all browned.   Pictures are nice, I did find a few, but if anyone has aged Chromexcel PTB natural with jeans, then please share :D thanks
Does anyone have RT Stantons? How do they compare to APC cuts? I'm thinking of trying the Petite New Standard.
FWIW, I found a post by Drew in 2011 about MMM using Excella, so I don't think it would be a bad choice, by speculation.   Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one  Quote: Originally Posted by bob99  So just to confirm, the current-season Margiela leather jackets are using YKK zippers? Has anyone bought one recently, and can you comment on the quality? Just debating used vs. new, since I don't seem to be able to find any NOS sales of black...
So are you saying you think Excela is better either way?
Really liking how the Loden jumpers look. What do you guys plan to wear with the Loden shells? Seems like a good challenge!
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