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Sounds good. I guess now just need to break them in mor . Do you use any insoles?
Just a quick question Anyone got any experience backpacking with viberg service boots? or i should stick to sneakers instead? Planning to backpack around japan for 3 weeks
That brown harness leather would look great with service boots model
14. Olive Oil Model: Service Boot Last: 2030 Leather: Olive Calf Leather (tongue): brown Eyelets: 8 brass eyelet Sole: Dainite Comments: captoe, partially structured, brown midsole oiled (like wings and horns) The leather is somewhat dark, rich and complex.  Rather than the contrasting, natural midsole, I opted for a tone on tone look.  8 brass eyelets rather than 7 because its a finer leather than cxl or latigo.   or this   11. Waxed Flesh Service Boot Model:...
what's the price estimate for this GMTO.
Hows the Vibram soles compared to the Dainite Soles.   Which one you guys prefer..
Waiting patiently:slayer:
i had similar issue with my RW1907..   after a month.. sold them.. wasn't comfortable at all
still available?
Those are nice
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