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 I think something is wrong with your coffee...
 I purchased a SS Tux a couple of years ago.  I absolutely love it.  
Agreed on the date window.  In my opinion, it isn't needed.  The term I read for the backdrop is "barleycorn".  
Wearing my new Longines Master Collection Chrono today.  
 Sure looks too tight to me.  
What do you mean?  Shorter length?
 Just got my new ones back from the cleaners for their first pressing.  I will be wearing one on Friday and I'll report back!
Yes, I'd say it is a bit snug.  Your tailor could maybe let out a bit.  
 Those shoulders look to be a bit wide.  That, along with the sleeve length problem, I'd say size down one.
Sure did, By George at 6th and Lamar has them.
New Posts  All Forums: