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Yes, I'd say it is a bit snug.  Your tailor could maybe let out a bit.  
 Those shoulders look to be a bit wide.  That, along with the sleeve length problem, I'd say size down one.
Sure did, By George at 6th and Lamar has them.
Brand spankin' new cordovan color #8 LWBs today!  First Aldens and I may be hooked!  
 I'd say bitter chocolate, slate blue or powder blue.  Love those colors.
I'm staring at the card from Brooks right now and it is 3 for $189.  
It is 3 for $189
Sold! Count me in!
The chocolate fina (or grossa for that matter) goes great with mid and light grey suits, too.
 It does work on shirts, though (3 for $229 or $171.75 after the 25% discount).  Used it yesterday.
New Posts  All Forums: