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Thoughts?  I think these look lovely.   I've always been a fan of Longines, so I may be biased 
 Well, I'm sorry to hear about the pound troubles, but I decided to add belts #4 & 5 from you guys to my collection!  Always enjoy your work guys!
 I replace buttons on suits, blazers and sport coats all the time.  I love mixing it up.  It tends to run me around $30 at the tailor for the coats.  EBay is a great place to find extra/new buttons.
 For their standard fare, pretty darn fast.  I'd expect them to be restocked as soon as the current sale is over.
 This is just my opinion, but I don't think I'd wear a dark brown suit in Spring or Summer.
 I think something is wrong with your coffee...
 I purchased a SS Tux a couple of years ago.  I absolutely love it.  
Agreed on the date window.  In my opinion, it isn't needed.  The term I read for the backdrop is "barleycorn".  
Wearing my new Longines Master Collection Chrono today.  
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