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Sears and thus LE is in financial trouble, but from what I hear LE is still a robust money-maker for Sears....that being said, it does seem as though the offerings from LEC have become less frequent and fewer in number.  The media contacts there have also been quiet, as mentioned above especially as it relates to social media connection points...
I love this new store, owned by caters to the Style Forum type in every way...I took some pics from my latest visit...each piece of clothing has a story to it, the prices are VERY reasonable and the staff knows how to cater to the discerning customer.  A little descriptor about them below the pics...I just left but I can't wait to come back already!                 Totem Brand focuses on American-made and manufactured brands, as well an...
Pulled the trigger on this jacket when I saw it on sale at Barbour in's amazing!
Does anyone own the Steve McQueen Barbour Salvage denim jacket?  If so, can they speak to the quality, fit etc...?
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