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Anyone ever purchased or is familiar with the brand 'Conflict for Interest' available at a store called 124? Only store i have come across thus far is off of Little Collins.    The shoes look good, but not sure of the quality. If anyone can comment - I would be much obliged.    http://www.124shoes.com.au/collection/men/conflict-for-interest
Hi,   Got an issue i was wondering if anyone could assist with.    A good friend of mine purchased a pair of shoes from Batsanis some months back. He didn't wear them all too often as he had a few in rotation. The second time he did wear them however, they cut his ankles pretty bad and he had to wear band aids for a week as the shoes caused bloody scabs and pain.    What can my friend do to attempt to remedy this with Batsanis?    My advice was to go to...
Fred,   Thanks!   They are the "brown suede", it is just the lighting/camera that gives it the snuff suede look.    Cheers!
  My new Herring Canterbury's came in the post today. Order was filled very fast (I live in Australia) - very impressed.    Initial assumptions: very comfortable, fit like a glove, very content with the purchase. 
I would commit to a pair as well.    Any further details on this? 
Not sure if this has been solved yet but ~   I found one in Macy's very recently. Paid exactly $100.    Granted it was Macy's brand (Alfani), very impressed thus far. 
C&J Tetburys?
People,   Can anyone shed some light on the burberry dress shoes - that is to say, does anyone make them for Burberry, in a particular factory etc?     I dont any myself. I have found some of the prices to be comparable, but to be honest, never thought much of the finishes, cuts, leathers.    Anyone own any and can speak for the durability and quality?   Much obliged  
Can i ask for some suggestions at good online discounted outlets that would stock HF suits for as low as $300 - $400? 
Hey guys,   Any thoughts on Rhodes & Beckett and Calibre?    I have purchased a few shirts from R & B, although the quality is good, i do find them a touch overpriced for what they are. I do find that Calibre has some nice stuff, but very overpriced. I could buy from Burberry for those prices. 
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