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All the shirts are spot-on. I NEED visvim bison virgil boots in my life. Where did you get them? 
  The photos are amazing. The first time I saw real people wearing Saint Laurent by Hedi (saw Justin Beiber once, but he doesn't count lol). Now my perception of only really skinny guys wearing SL has completely changed. Thank you. The leather and varsity jackets are golden on you (or the model in the photos). 
Finally I see some Phillip Lim love on here. Rich Owens' leather jackets are to die for, but way out of my price range.
The first one. Like the higher contrast between the zipper and the leather better. 
Just bought this pair from Paul Smith online. I'm a little bit worried because they're tapered fit which is something I don't wear often enough, so am not sure how they would fit. The worst would be baggy. I prefer mine to fit pretty slim to the body. Anyone has experience with tapered fit especially from PS?     
Dig the t-shirt. Do you mind posting some pics? I really want to see how it looks in real life. I kind of like what Hedi is doing at SL, but really think all the stuff is catered to extremely skinny guy. Lean doesn't even cut it. 
Looks pretty good. Looks more slim-leg than skinny. 
Wow, Lanvin. Nice try. I really like the color. Of course you gotta wear it and test it, but just looking at the image, I feel like you definitely should button both of them. With the regular cardigan, leaving one or two unbuttoned is fine and actually pretty stylish. But this one has only 2, and leaving one up in the air is kind of strange, lol. 
On top of my head, you should pair this shade of grey with black or darker indigo jeans, for example. The jeans' color and the blazer in the picture doesn't look really that good, to be honest. It's not really about too much contrast, but it's more about that shade of the jeans, I guess. The jeans themselves, try to get slim-fitted or straight style, that boot-cut (I believe) looks really unflattering. My 2 cents :)
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