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Long time lurker, first time poster.  I have a QC question on my new bourbon McAllisters.  I received a pair of firsts two days ago in the mail and have been breaking them in around the house before putting them into the rotation.  Last night, a crease became prominent just where the wing starts to form near the toe.  Now whenever I walk, it digs into my middle toe and is quite obnoxious. When they arrived, I noticed that there was some creasing above the perforations on...
Recently picked up a pair of old black bal cap toe Florsheims.  Any idea when they were made, what the model is?  The instep displays the codes "121275 F" and "20331." I've inquired with Florsheim customer reps, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. I'll post here if they do.  Thanks!        
Hi all,   New to the thread, but I've really enjoyed reading about people's finds.  I have a quick value proposition question that I was hoping you all could weigh in on.  I found this Aquascutum jacket thrifting today.  The shoulders fit perfectly, but it's a little long in both the arms and around the hem.    I only paid a few bucks for it, but I'm thinking about getting the sleeves and hem altered since I really like the shoulder fit.  Does anyone here get...
First Indochino suit.  I feel that the waist suppression might be a little severe and that the pant length might need to be adjusted.  Any thoughts?                  
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