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What are the reasons chukkas generally not approved at SF? I've wanted some suede boots for awhile and I don't wear zip boots, ever. Already got couple pairs of workboots in calf and buffalo. Now I want some suede chukkas. 
There's a high chance Drew kicked you out bc you don't ever praise/like his posts. 
Great fit. Your sharp cheekbones really suit the jacket.
Talked with a friend today who is into fashion (as opposed to me only wear practical clothes) about some fw15 collections. She said people wear Lemaire better be old-money. 
How can an 18 year old afford Rick Owens? 
John Smedley. Normally I prefer chunky knits. Purchase this one just in case TOJ arrives. Good combo I imagine. 
 If my BCDR does not come within these 2 batches, then I don't know when. 18 months. Almost.   
New banner should be cut off half face. Anonymousness is cooler.
I bought something last week  ~$300. Arrived in 2 days. I did not receive any duties from Fedex. Are they going to be due later? 
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