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Payment made on August 25. 35th week now. Hopefully done by the end of May ~ 40 weeks. 
Esemplare fishtail parka   
 wtf how could this happen? Aren't they supposed to make the exact jacket you ordered? This post makes me anxious.
^ why?    example. Minimal and clean   Edit : Most people might have too many navy and grey outerwears already. Something in camel would be nice imo. 
how about suede harrington in camel color with cropped body and no elastic waistband? 
Haven't checked this thread for a while.. any August orders came in? 
Jamie Hince, David Bowie, and Hedi Slimane himself all are over 40 and look very good being slim. It's your style and attitude that matter, not age.
Have SLP 15.5 black jeans ever been on sale at Ssense? Want to cop a pair. I know MrPorter doesn't. 
because no one received their jackets for the past few days so they couldn't post fit pics
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