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I simply think that MDR/ BCDR will be easier for average men to pull off and probably will get more use out of them. I don't think DR2013/ DR 2010 are suitable for every day life unless you are the American badass (biker, bodybuilding type) or skinny artistic guy (e.g. Hedi Slimane and his musicians gang, etc). Plus you will want to have an edgy face. In real life, I actually saw people who are neither belonged to any of these 2 groups nor have edgy facial features wearing...
How is Margiela gats sizing? I'm true 43.5 and I wear 43 Achilles. 
Imo best combination is a black BCDR/ MDR and a brown A2. Why would you need 2 double riders? And I think DR style only look good in black.
Can you list all the outerwears they have? 
I personally like CP shape and leather more than GATs, but I think the Original Achilles have a dandy/ preppy feel cause' they are too bright, unless you beat the crap out of it, or get the Vintage.
CP achilles and mmm gate perhaps are the most popular sneakers on SF. I'm just curious why some of the best posters in WAYWT seem to favor Margiela gats over CP. Namely Parker, Stanley, Snowman, Regis, Lorcan, nicelynice,... I don't think I've ever seen any good fits with CP. 
Send out tracking is a difficult task. They need someone that was properly trained. I guess they can't find anyone to replace. 
White Mountaineering have many interesting outerwears this season. 
lol I have no hope in TOJ. The only reason I decide to endure the wait is that I just happen to love BCDR design and can't find similar one (with reasonable price) anywhere else. 
Recent kop                 Been waiting for this since eternity... Another fall is approaching yet no end in sight.  
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