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^ lol WTF. Josh looks like Caucasian version of City of Gentlemen 
I'm glad Totokaelo has a new model. The old guy looks awkward as fuck.
 Coggles is full of shit. Got a pair of boots in black but it turned out to be dark brown. Their product images are so shitty that they cannot display the real color. I filed a complaint and they only said sorry and offered 10% refund as compensation on $600 boots. I could not return it either cuz I paid $63 custom duty and they don't refund that money. Not to mention banking international transaction fee. And yes, they don't deduct VAT. Still waiting for 10% refund after...
Damn! Speaking of EVO I miss the old days playing Street Fighter 4 in Tokyo. Who won this year? Justin? 
Anyone heard of Lardini, Italian brand? 
Just wake up from a nightmare the plane carries my jacket crashing in the middle of Pacific ocean. Thanks god it was just a dream.
I suggest you start from basics stuffs and lurk more on SF before making any purchases.  Naked & Famous make good starter jeans. Also Uniqlo tee, Chucks, and TOJ leather are enough for a uniform.
 I did not say they don't use herbs at all. Pho in nothern style still have a bunch of herbs but no salad and bean sprouts.
 Nah. REAL Cantonese food are too freaking oily. They use too much oil to the point that all plates look shiny like your high shine shoes. Come to  any restaurants in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and you know what I mean. Cantonese food in the State are modified. I prefer Viet version of Chinese food, much less oily. Or Japanese food, so pure. 
Is it true that TOJ leather is far superior to any other leathers in the wild? SLP, Rick, Balmain, MMM,... 
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