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Thanks man. I actually have an eighty-something weeks TOJ BCDR in the making. Still, I like learning more about other brands I havent heard of. Langlitz probably is one of those. 
 Thanks. Jacket looks good. I don't have leather experience but I like the look and feel.  I also like the Lewis Super Monza. Unfortunately starting price is like $1500 and they are based in the UK.  
At least updates give people hope.  (even though they are all false)
How much a standard Langlitz Cascade typically cost? They dont display price on website. 
Are Barena and EG considered sweatshirt blazers? 
He IS the future of SW&D.
I cried inside. Thank you!
Trumaker ad is horrible. Who wear beat up jeans with a dress shirt, seem like cotton poplin?
I heard in Asian countries it's pretty common for female celebrities to be abused by their managers and bosses. Many of them are also "ordered" to serve politicians. Is it true? 
Hang in there! It's almost done... almost. 
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