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$760 is the 'lightweight' spring fabric, also the cheapest. The mixed navy that I was interested in went up to $847. Originally it was 599 Euro, 20% VAT off would bring it down a bit more than $500. The price increase is ridiculous. 
wtf the NR Single Breasted was like 599 Euro ~ 660 USD last time I checked now it went up to $760
Love the fur. Very Squall-ish. 
Hi, just curious if the US price at End is already VAT deducted? 
YSL instagram literally deleted all Hedi's work. This is a bit extreme.
I like PS too. Nice thread. Only 5 years too late on this forum.
Ok thanks for the insight. I will go with navy mix then. Not feeling the extra 200 euro for such minor upgrade (plus customs).  
I have used this for a few years http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/us-en/shop/men-s-black-naked-lady-print-lined-leather-belt.html?gclid=CKzkrKvv6csCFQaUfgodyCQNvA   The white stitching is very subtle in real life and adds some visual interest. They are on sale at the end of seasons pretty often.
Thinking of getting the SB later this year. Is this how the navy mix look like in natural light; or this is a different colorway? The blue in this photo is really rich and deep, less polyester-feel imo.   [[SPOILER]]
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