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 Man, I like viridi-anne jacket a lot but I don't wear leather jackets enough. I wear 5 zip like twice a week max. 
Notre styling is terrible and the model is wearing a size too large. 
How long does it take End to answer emails? I have been waiting since forever.
Opumo SALEPREVIEW2016 for 30% off. A bunch of CPs, Buttero, etc in several sizes. Lowest price on those sneakers I have ever seen. Man, I quit buying designers sneakers otherwise I'd be all over it. 
I'm interested in some shoes (not Alden) and does Epaulet have a discount code for SF? 
-Tan suede jacket. Something minimal like SLP SS14 harrington without SLP price. This thing is impossible to find. -Linen/cotton blazer in light grey or cream. Probably Barena. Maybe Boglioli if something nice and cheap popped up. -Visvim field jacket in lighter shade of green -Breton shirt - St James -Beater floral/linen shirts. Probably vintage or Zara.
Glad I stopped buying CPs 3 years ago. Stan Smith are good and nice enough.
5 zips fit true to size. The baggy sleeves probably is due to a size too large. I went with true to size and still be able to layer a crewneck SNS. 
Mill Mercantile webstore is infinitely better than Unionmadegoods in every possible way
$760 is the 'lightweight' spring fabric, also the cheapest. The mixed navy that I was interested in went up to $847. Originally it was 599 Euro, 20% VAT off would bring it down a bit more than $500. The price increase is ridiculous. 
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