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Does Niche have an official website? I cant seem to Google them out.
 Basically high end Converse. Buy Chuck and save yourself $130.
Order date? Why am I still waiting for a calf jacket? Aren't they supposed to be made in batches?   Your comment makes no fucking sense. It's not bc of the modifications that the production got delayed. If the jacket was completed within 20 weeks as quoted, he wouldn't change a thing. 
 I want to kop some RRL officer chinos. I'm curious if the fall chinos are heavier than spring's, which is only 6.7 oz. I prefer heftier garments.
I like to think of Patrik Ervell as poor men' Jil Sander.
 Well, they could have messaged me before purchasing. Sending adjusted shipping invoice for intl buyers after listing has ended is not an option. Fwiw, ship a heavy coat to Europe with proper tracking via eBay US shipping center actually is pretty cheap ~ $40-ish vs. $70+ from Usps intl priority. 
eBay international buyers committed to purchase but dont pay because shipping is high. I dont understand.  cant even leave negative feedbacks to these assholes.
 I'm been eyeing on a pair of SD for couple of weeks. Apologize for my ignorance, I thought Semi Dress and Bounty Hunter are 2 different models. According to the link you advised, last options are displayed as "Standard" and "Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter)"? . Besides, what's up with the name Smoke Jumper? I don't get it. 
Speaking of Distorbiant, dude has not really posted anything for the past 2 months. His posts are actually quite hilarious. Still better than reading posts of CM guys and those who have nothing in order. 
I dont like the way he posts. Every time he answers customers concerns he throws out a bunch of both related and unrelated information to justify the situation and distract everyone. Something like the return of TOJ/Dan's family/Korean craftsman illness and holidays/restaurant story/ and now grey matter and 85% of what? 
New Posts  All Forums: