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The idea sounds cool but I don't think it would help. There are people who received their August orders; and those who are still waiting for June orders. It's pretty much all over the places. 
 I'm quite the opposite. I was super excited when it was less than 40 weeks. Now as it passed 60th week, IDGAF anymore. So nonchalant lol. As someone said, it will come when it's done. 
Yoox has some moss field coats from last winter in L and XL. Shitty stock photos, look much better in real life. Parka this season is nice but not so warm. Lot of room for layering though. 
Vanson x SF produce solely 1 model though. At least for now. 
rag & bone moto jacket this season looks really nice imo
They are just some accidents when I experience with unfamiliar brands. I just PM'd you details. 
 Sometimes sizing advice just can't help. I bought wrong size from NMWA twice with their size guide. Sadly can't return sale items  
Just bought this from TBS. Very substantial. Seem like they stock only 1 in each size so kop now if you want.
I don't. I mean we've already over-waited for too long. It does not go any faster while we complain here. Better accept it with optimistic mindset. Don't you have somewhat "positive feeling" toward last dispatch? Glad I went with a BCDR.
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