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 How do you like this jacket? The texture is nice close up but the whole jacket looks quite bland from afar imo. 
 They are lined in leather. What do you expect? 
Just curious if Japanese stores generally have second wave of price drop during end of season sale, or they just reduce price once and that's it? 
My guess is the indigo-ish Film coat. 
 Man, I like viridi-anne jacket a lot but I don't wear leather jackets enough. I wear 5 zip like twice a week max. 
Notre styling is terrible and the model is wearing a size too large. 
How long does it take End to answer emails? I have been waiting since forever.
Opumo SALEPREVIEW2016 for 30% off. A bunch of CPs, Buttero, etc in several sizes. Lowest price on those sneakers I have ever seen. Man, I quit buying designers sneakers otherwise I'd be all over it. 
I'm interested in some shoes (not Alden) and does Epaulet have a discount code for SF? 
-Tan suede jacket. Something minimal like SLP SS14 harrington without SLP price. This thing is impossible to find. -Linen/cotton blazer in light grey or cream. Probably Barena. Maybe Boglioli if something nice and cheap popped up. -Visvim field jacket in lighter shade of green -Breton shirt - St James -Beater floral/linen shirts. Probably vintage or Zara.
New Posts  All Forums: