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Do you have Daredevil sample pieces? I'm in Seattle and would like to check it out in-store. 
They afraid their father/brother might steal the jackets instead of hand over to them? 
I really like this update from Drew, very problems addressed. A bit too personal but it will sastify people more than restaurant story. My condolences to production manager.
I don't see Vanson Derby on the website? Is it phone-order only?    It would be nice if there were measurements for all jackets on the website though. 
At least it will get a large amount of thumbs and tone down this thread for awhile.
Perhaps they are planning to send out 200 jackets all at once so tons of people would post fit pics at the same time? It would be pretty epic. 
 Agree. I get the BCDR mainly for its ultimate understatement. Vanson Chopper is a similar design but it fits gigantic and I can't stand gold hardware.Balenciaga and Saint Laurent both have their own collarless versions but you all know the price.
This is even worse than the elongated wait time. I've changed address couple of time so this post makes me very anxious. Plus TOJ recently sent out jackets without tracking. You are lucky though. My old places are not parents's house like yours. Wrong address + no tracking = lost jacket.
I need a beater jacket but dont know about Uniqlo quality. Thought on this?   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-mountain-parka-127864.html#69|/men/outerwear/jackets-and-coats/mountain-parka/|
Just find out this place. Very good.   http://bakkersfinedrycleaning.com
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