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Do you guys bid by yourself on Yahoo JP auction or use ZenMarket? I'm interested in something but having no experience. 
 I sold an item on Grailed few weeks ago, didn't even provide tracking number out of pure laziness. Everything went smoothly as usual. Dude messaged me yesterday asking if I shipped the item and he wanted tracking number, which I still luckily have. Dude probably would file not receive case against me if I got rid of the tracking. Just a heads-up since I have dealt with some SF sellers who didn't provide tracking.
 shearling lined Heschung boots
  Really like this Eidos coat from Gentry. 
 I like this women's version better. The hood makes the jacket looks cheap imo.  
 Have you tried going to Korean/Vietnamese/Chinese owned salons? 
 How do you like this jacket? The texture is nice close up but the whole jacket looks quite bland from afar imo. 
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