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 Must be size 2... 
 Not the same jacket. Chet B was wearing a lightweight denim patchwork jacket from SS (not sashiko). Think I would kop one next spring. 
 Awesome jacket! If anyone wants to sell this jacket in size 2 lmk. 
Notre and Farfetch private sale also have some incredibly good deals on Schneider right now.   LOL at a bunch of listings on Grailed selling 5 years old coat at retail price.  
 Interesting. Good to know. 
 First class tracking is only available up to US customs. Once the packages leave the US, no tracking. You never know when buyers would actually receive the packages and they can sue no delivery. 
 If you use USPS Intl' Priority or Intl' Express they have tracking all the way to delivery. It costs between $70-90 IME, but worth it. Just don't ever use Intl' First Class.... 
Grailed doesn't allow buyers making offers less than 60% asking price.    Also, wtf is wrong with people listing stuffs using only stock photos? How is that even acceptable?
^ Same. My SNS knits didn't stretch any at all. I mostly size up one, except roll neck, which I think look better going TTS for a close fit. 
^ is that Oliver Spencer? I like that jacket in tan suede. Patchwork, not so much. 
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