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 Good to know. Greatly appreciate the work you put towards this matter.
Assuming what's going on in that master spreadsheet is real, then Dieworkwear's jacket is being made and possibly will be completed in a week or two. I doubt if he would keep pursuing legal actions once he got the jacket.
That guy is like Drew Keith of game designers. He couldn't finish FF15 after working on it for like 10 years. I would expect the same for FF7 remake. It's basically making a whole new game, except the plot.
I'm so tired of Drew fucking Keith. At this point, I want neither jacket nor refund. I want Drew goes to jail. 
PurseForum.  Well said. 
You'll never know vintage TOJs value skyrocket overtime. 
This is a troll thread. Check out the guy profile he pops collars on every polos. 
I'm looking for a brown homespun Bedford in small... North America only...    Or navy moleskin bedford, small... 
  I thought Drew was an asshole to his customers and employees, didn't know he treats his business partners the same way. I feel sorry for you all at Libertine.
 That means of all the people on SF, Drew likes and trusts you most. I mean, he could contact Fok or DWW to post on his behalf, or created a new account and post it himself. You are the chosen one.
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