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Half belt leather jacket is very underrated imo. Still an old men jacket but cooler than the A2. 
 Charly still responds when he feels like doing so. Be persistent with the emails. Include a lot of "thanks" and "please" will increase your chance of getting responses. It's like a game of luck you know.
As title. PM for detail.
Selling August 2013 spot. PM for detail. 
Maybe Fok?   I would be one too if I could wear denim to work.
Stanley will look great in Saint Laurent, he has the right physique.
Anyone has pictures of this shirt in real life? I have a bunch of chambray shirts, might be excessive backing it.
^ you sound like books I read in college days.
Random thought : one way to know if your jacket is in production yet is to do the "modify measurement test" on Charly. If he allows the change, well... you are fucked. If not then at least you know that your jacket is being made.
^   I got this Sandro jacket 2 years ago when they just opened the first store in the US, 50% off so it's like $600. Very thick calf leather and nice design imo. They probably make the variety of this jacket every season but I notice price has gone up to $1500. Still a decent leather purchase at 50% off though.      @ktown : I actually have the same idea of selling the TOJ once I get it. I would feel disgusted wearing the TOJ label with all of these bullshit going...
New Posts  All Forums: