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 Finally just kopped one. Didn't know Stylebop has pre sale code which brings it down a little less than $400. 
Pics with timestamp and name or it didnt happen.  week 95 today
As much as I like BBJ, I can't justify myself buying a $500 chore jacket. Makes no sense.
  This is bizarre. Probably just a difference in cultrure. 
That Geller field jacket is nice. Probably the first Geller piece and black outerwear except leather I actually like.
 Masterpiece. Well done. 
93 weeks 
FWIW, I have kept eyes on Hickorees BBJ from few seasons ago and they were never on sale, ever. Most of the stuffs that hit sale are crap nobody actually buys. $500 is quite a bargain, compares to Unionmade's price. 
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