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White Mountaineering have many interesting outerwears this season. 
lol I have no hope in TOJ. The only reason I decide to endure the wait is that I just happen to love BCDR design and can't find similar one (with reasonable price) anywhere else. 
Recent kop                 Been waiting for this since eternity... Another fall is approaching yet no end in sight.  
It's the mix between green and gray, but look more like green.
I want to keep this cardigan from Schneider FW 14 collection, but I have gained some weight since order placed so it does not fit me very well. Color is very refreshing, never seen before, not like typical Schneider gray and blue knits. Super soft, slouchy, light weight but warm thanks to the blend fabrics.   Only hang for picture, knit is stored fold.    60% Wool, 25% mohair 15% nylon Made in Belgium  Size III, fit true to size like most size III Schneider...
Alden x Blue Blue Japan. Would love to kop a pair.    http://www.huge-world.com/articles/-/254
NDC has similar styles, much nicer  shape and materials. About $200-ish on deep discount.
That means no sooner than summer 2015.
He is. Depends on the types of question. From my experience he replies about change address/ modify jacket/ sell spot. 
 This sounds more reasonable than anything I've heard so far. Sometimes I still wonder why in the hell people are still waiting for June orders.
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