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Anyone purchased from Hypebeast store? Did you get hit? 
 Ok thanks. Think I will try the Seam Grip first to see how things turn out. They are really tiny holes like someone pierced the vest using a needle, not really worth sending it to NYC. 
So I have this Esemplare down vest and there are 2 tiny holes on it and the down leak out here and there. It's minor but kinda bugging me. Any solutions? Using tape to seal the holes I guess?
 TTS. Tight shoulder and cropped like most Ervell pieces. 
 Inis Meain have a similar model this season for less. 
 You take people' opinion too serious. 
Would you bring back the BCDR? 
 How do sample sales work? They sell stuffs from previous or this season? Might proxy the puffer if it was the later. 
Ervell puffer. Love the design. Not very fond of color.   
Puffer looks excellent. He should have made it in navy.
New Posts  All Forums: