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  This is bizarre. Probably just a difference in cultrure. 
That Geller field jacket is nice. Probably the first Geller piece and black outerwear except leather I actually like.
 Masterpiece. Well done. 
93 weeks 
FWIW, I have kept eyes on Hickorees BBJ from few seasons ago and they were never on sale, ever. Most of the stuffs that hit sale are crap nobody actually buys. $500 is quite a bargain, compares to Unionmade's price. 
Poor guy. He makes reasonably priced cool stuffs  but doesnt seem to sell very well. Hence, 90% off.
I miss the old day whenever Drew posted something the fanboys went crazy with the thumbs and utter gratitude. Now, no one gives a shit anymore... too many lies, too much bs... 
^ Same. I used to wear Levi's and Acne. Never looked back once I've gotten into raw denim. I eventually quit wearing black jeans.   I want to add that although I like raw denim and have several pairs from all tiers, I've never thought of myself as a denimhead. I stick with raw denim simply because I like denim feel and aesthetic, not particularly expecting of sick fades or whatever. Also I tend to wear them with contemporary designers APC, Esemplare, Spencer, Ervell,...
I have never had blue collar jobs but I like workwear-ish and raw denim. Comfortable and feel like they can take a beating. In fact, I'm not so fond of trousers and OCBDs during day job. 
@Isolation    Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.
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