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 How do sample sales work? They sell stuffs from previous or this season? Might proxy the puffer if it was the later. 
Ervell puffer. Love the design. Not very fond of color.   
Puffer looks excellent. He should have made it in navy.
What a shame. Sashiko fabric is amazing. Color is really nice too.
  [[SPOILER]]  I've worn this style for almost 5 years. Pretty versatile ime. I leave the sideburn long and thick and just sweep them behind my ears. Back length is about jawline. Of course you can always sweep the bang backward for a more business-y look.
Just curious what kind of bag would you carry wearing DR? Normally I carry a navy Filson briefcase, I don't think it would go with the DR very well. 
Sandro SS16 look less like SLP, more like Lemaire.
I like Geller as a designer but I feel his clothes are real hard to wear separately. It's like you'd have to wear head to toe Geller to do their justice.   Exclude norm core pieces like sweatshirts, sweatpants, and jeans.
 Good to know. Greatly appreciate the work you put towards this matter.
Assuming what's going on in that master spreadsheet is real, then Dieworkwear's jacket is being made and possibly will be completed in a week or two. I doubt if he would keep pursuing legal actions once he got the jacket.
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