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Base on the price range of your choices, I recommend Kent Wang sneakers.   StyleForum has high standard so don't freak out when most people favor $300+ sneakers.
By any chances if anyone get their jackets in this shipment (if it really happens), remember to update the spreadsheet. 
LAM cardigan this season is pretty sick. Don't see them around though.
I got it. The next honest excuse is printed shipping labels are not available in Korea, which caused massive delay. Probably take a few months to fill these out. 
Everything is in the title. It's a black calf full leather. You can change to anything you want.    August 25th 2013    PM me.    This spot only opens for sale to October 31st. This is your chance to grab an early spot. They are now finishing July orders so August will come very soon. 
I can't believe I have to sell this after 14 months and I love BCDR design more than anything, but looking at the spreadsheet I strongly believe TOJ wont be able to deliver my jacket until next summer. I guess I would just kop an Acne/rag & bone/Vanson this season and call it a day.  Edit : I have an August spot for sale. PM me. 
Want to buy a spot
I believe Vanson x SF has wider lapel and more aggressive hardwares. Sleeve zippers placements are kinda weird tho. It is certainly more minimal than the original Vanson x Junya, but nowhere near the MDR.
I'm selling my spot August 25th 2013 for $820. It's a black calf BCDR stock 46 with extra length to sleeves and torso. You can change it to pretty much anything you desire.
You're gonna have to make an offer he can't refuse to keep him around. 
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