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Out of the topic, any recommendation for a really good dry cleaner in Seattle and upper area?    Not necessary to be super expensive but must be able to take care of designer' clothes
 He has crooked teeth, but I think he is trying to channel some models. You know, the type of professional models that slightly open their mouths for photoshoot. 
^ lol WTF. Josh looks like Caucasian version of City of Gentlemen 
I'm glad Totokaelo has a new model. The old guy looks awkward as fuck.
 Coggles is full of shit. Got a pair of boots in black but it turned out to be dark brown. Their product images are so shitty that they cannot display the real color. I filed a complaint and they only said sorry and offered 10% refund as compensation on $600 boots. I could not return it either cuz I paid $63 custom duty and they don't refund that money. Not to mention banking international transaction fee. And yes, they don't deduct VAT. Still waiting for 10% refund after...
Damn! Speaking of EVO I miss the old days playing Street Fighter 4 in Tokyo. Who won this year? Justin? 
Anyone heard of Lardini, Italian brand? 
Just wake up from a nightmare the plane carries my jacket crashing in the middle of Pacific ocean. Thanks god it was just a dream.
I suggest you start from basics stuffs and lurk more on SF before making any purchases.  Naked & Famous make good starter jeans. Also Uniqlo tee, Chucks, and TOJ leather are enough for a uniform.
 I did not say they don't use herbs at all. Pho in nothern style still have a bunch of herbs but no salad and bean sprouts.
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