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Nope. Looks fine to me. 2 slanted zippers on the same side looks stupid though. 
Dude, buy what you want and be happy with it. If you need someone' approval to be content with your purchase then you should reevaluate your life. 
Buttero seems really fucked up with their sizing. Unfortunately the stuffs I want are on sale with no return in case they don't fit.
Random question: How are Buttero boots sizing in general? I'm pretty sure they are not the same as sneakers. 
 I like the design. Very tempting. Never heard good things about Uniqlo outerwear however.
 lol I posted this Jil knit in "Should I buy" thread 2 years ago and no one approved. Still bought it anyway, then sold it last year. 
How's sneakers sizing for those are between sizes? MrPorter rec to size up?
Who makes lightweight briefcase? Been carrying blue Filson 256. The thing is ridiculously heavy fully filled. Porter nylon models seem light but not very office appropriate. 
Being one of the last few persons to receive jackets before Drew vanished, Temple of Jawnz probably came out on top to me.
I like this jacket http://www.matchesfashion.com/us/products/Saint-Laurent-Zip-up-shearling-jacket-1023017
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