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I guess I can close this thread for now. I just purchased a pair of wolverine 1000 mile boots. 
After some more research, I am favoring the meermin boots.
Also was this a short lived shoe or something? It is rather difficult to find any information about it online. 
I wanted to step up the way I dress. I currently wear some beaten up Clark's buschacres. I stopped by a nearby shoe store and saw a pair of wolverine wickham 1000 miles shoes. I was originally looking for a pair of 1000 mile boots, but I did not want to pony up $300 for a pair of boots. I am currently in college and do a fair bit of walking, but not a terrible amount. What do you guys think of the 1000 mile wickham? The price was right at $160. Here is a photo of the...
So what is the consensus of the desert boot vs the bushacre? They seem the same to me except the sole. 
Well. I did actually intend on wearing a 3 piece suit. I just live the look. I just said bond to give an idea.
What are some decent brands? I know brooks brothers is pretty good.
if it helps I am located in Miami, Fl. 
Ok so I love the look of a dark grey 3 piece suit. Sort of like a bond thing. Any way I wanted to ask what was a decent place to buy one. I recently bought 2 Jos A Banks suits and one was cancelled online, and the other they sent the wrong one so I was refunded money for both. I decided to just buy a nice 3 piece and wanted some insight. My budget was preferably around $400 but under the better.    Side question I can view the marketplace on my computer, but from...
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