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I have never been to a US TJ Maxx but in the UK and Germany they have a "Gold Label" section in select stores where you get some really good stuff from many luxury brands at between 50 and 90% off depending on the brand. Among otheres I found Thom Browne, Gucci, MMM, Diesel Black Gold, Bottega Veneta, Bally, Dolce&Gabbana, Dsquared, Versace, Missoni, Paul Smith, Lanvin, Rag&Bone, Coreliani, Cantarelli, Brioni and more. It depends heavily on the week, sometimes they have...
Here is my new Bag, I got it at the Bally Outlet in Bicester for 399 pounds.   Quite happy with it, the leather scratches really easily but it does add character to the bag, and I love the two functional pouches. It's not big enough for a real laptop, but my 11" Air and iPad fit well as does A4 size paper and books for college.               I added some rakuten pics as mine don't show the bags full beauty sometimes.
They run about a size bigger I'm 42 in my Captoes and 43 in everything else. Especially if you have wider feet.
 It depends on the shirt, my plain unprinted shirts fit about half a size up to a size larger and my printed shirt is TTS.
Maison Martin Margiela Convertible Messenger, can also be used as a Backpack -NWT, dustbag -100% Camel Leather Made in Italy -expandable capacity from a large messenger up to a small weekender through zips   Shipping from Germany quote me for low rates   PRICE DROP 500---450€
Don't buy a Tag Heuer watch. In fact, most 1000$ watches are not worth owning. The movement is just straight of the rack rubbish and most brands in that price range use the same ETA movements and just stick their name on it. Try going vintage with an older Omega or Rolex. If you want a new watch, I would reccomend  NOMOS Glashuette. http://www.nomos-glashuette.com/en/ They use in-house movements and the amound of craftsmanship and value for money is many times higher...
I recommend Schiesser. The have styles from traditional to modern and the quality is great.
Looks fake or really old, but the real stuff is rubbish too. Get a real jeans brand, and if fit is more important to you than craftsmanship try on some Diesel Denim or Dior/Balmain if you want to go for a big name.
Basically any classical luxury mens clothing firm would be cheaper and quality wise equal to prada. You're just paying for the name and the cut. You could look at Canali (cheaper than Prada at about same quality level), Brioni or Loro Piana. (superior in terms of quality to most prada items) In europe in some outlets Ralph Lauren Black + Purple Label are dirt cheap compared to Prada or Gucci. (I bougt a cashmere Purple Label sweater for 100$ and my girlfriend some nice...
Maison Martin Margiela is great for basics, or SLP if money isn't an issue. But remember high end clothing does not neccecarily last a lot longer, you just look better when they fit. If you want to save some money look at good quality mid tier brands.
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