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 Go to Bicester Village and buy one with about 20-30% off. Or just choose one of the England Made London trenches they are really similar for about 40% off.
Well at least in germany I have never heard of them. They look quite nice but for the same price I always find something better on yoox.
New DH denim from yoox arrived today. Should I keep it? I have no idea how Dior Denim is supposed to fit.         Secondly, it says Dior Japan on the label. Is this some inferior quality Japan-only line or a new tag? I have not seen this anywhere yet.
I just bought this DH denim from yoox.  I've never seen the Dior Japan tag before. Are they legit, some special "japan only" collection or horrible outsourced stuff like Burberry japan? Reference 433D020TY081 I only found a strange chinese website googling the tag, now I'm sceptical.    
Is there anywhere with a good Deal on the balmain biker jeans in europe? I missed the one on stylebop for 455€.
Black Friday Pre-Sale:   Diesel Black Gold Wool Biker Jacket (made in italy)    
Okay now I get it thanks. I was imagining them falling apart soon .I would have preferred leather but given the amount I walk and the sidewalk quality I wouldn't have much fun with leather soles.
 Yes Margiela. What do you mean by zippers turning outside? Is there something wrong with the boot design? The tag is still on and I can send them back.
Just arrived, got them for 50% off.      
  What a beautiful bag if only I could afford it.
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