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Is there anywhere with a good Deal on the balmain biker jeans in europe? I missed the one on stylebop for 455€.
Black Friday Pre-Sale:   Diesel Black Gold Wool Biker Jacket (made in italy)    
Okay now I get it thanks. I was imagining them falling apart soon .I would have preferred leather but given the amount I walk and the sidewalk quality I wouldn't have much fun with leather soles.
 Yes Margiela. What do you mean by zippers turning outside? Is there something wrong with the boot design? The tag is still on and I can send them back.
Just arrived, got them for 50% off.      
  What a beautiful bag if only I could afford it.
Not sure about the Brand but the quality is awesome I got it on sale for 99. It also had a Brooks Brothers tag so I'm guessing it's a collaboration of some sort.      
I'm trying to get into boots and I found this on sale, is it a good entry level boot? I really like MMM sneakers and formal shoes so I thought I might get into their boots too.
Whats the sizing like for this MMM boot I have a choice of 42 or 42.5 EU. I usually wear 43 in MMM GAT, 42 in Lanvin Captoes, 43 in Nikes and 42 in my Prada and TODs formal shoes.
I have never been to a US TJ Maxx but in the UK and Germany they have a "Gold Label" section in select stores where you get some really good stuff from many luxury brands at between 50 and 90% off depending on the brand. Among otheres I found Thom Browne, Gucci, MMM, Diesel Black Gold, Bottega Veneta, Bally, Dolce&Gabbana, Dsquared, Versace, Missoni, Paul Smith, Lanvin, Rag&Bone, Coreliani, Cantarelli, Brioni and more. It depends heavily on the week, sometimes they have...
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