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Walnut Cordovan Dalton's after 1.5 years of VERY hard wear. If anyone remembers, they had a tear wear the vamp meets the foot and they've held up quite nicely. Can't say I'm a fan of the leather darkening up but the patina development has been beautiful.For reference, some pictures during the month I got them.
  Size 8.5 Cordovan Allen Edmonds added
I found a pair of 9147 Macneils that have creasing patterns like Cordovan but unfortunately they're polished cobbler. Anyone familiar with the material?
 Ironically, I have a question concerning a #8 Tassel Loafer I picked up from eBay. These loafers crease and fold in a similar way on both shoes but my right foot is borderline D/E and accentuates the pattern from the previous owner resulting in bowing.  Can a cobbler do anything to fix this? If i send them in for Alden Restoration, will this fold pattern go away when the shoes are relasted?
      Lots of new shoes added, very open to taking best offers
Does anyone know how the 8 last fits relative to the 5 last and the 7/1 lasts? Is the length on the 8 last comparable to the 5 last, hence you should size down 0.5 for the 8 last? Considering buying a pair of Mora 2.0s
Hi Everyone. Hopefully I don't make a bad impression for making this post but I have already posted in the eBay thread. I am currently selling 5 pairs of Allen Edmonds in 8.5 D and 8.5 E on eBay. I'm posting in here because I will be traveling for a month towards the end of September and would like to move some pairs if possible so that I dont have to take down all the listings and relist them when I get back.   If you would like more details or if you're interested in a...
 Should be 15-30% on top of the regular Seconds price (which is discounted relative to Firsts).
 I agree, Cambridge sizing is a little strange. I had to get rid of an 8.5 D that felt like a 9 D. Recently, I got a pair of Burgundy Shell Park Ave in 8.5 D that fit perfect.
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