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Apologies and thanks. It's for my wedding in Sept. The suit is navy blue. Budget is around £200 - £250   I was planning on just getting Hugo Boss shoes as well but I want to ask you experts first. I want to impress obviously :)
Hi all, noob question here: I'm wearing a Hugo Boss suit:,en_GB,pd.html&cgid=21100#!i%3D10%26color%3D415_Navy   I still need a shirt and shoes. Will these pair of shoes be ok?
Thanks for the recommendation. Budget is around £200-£250 ($300-$375) and unfortunately, I'm in the UK..
Hi all, Was wondering if I could get some help as well. My wedding is in September. I bought my suit from Hugo Boss last week, had it altered to fit me (I'm short 5'2") and all looks fine. I need shoes to go with it. Ideally Hugo Boss as well... do you guys have any recommendation? This is the suit:,en_GB,pd.html&cgid=21100#!i%3D6%26color%3D415_Navy
Hey all! I've just registered. Found the forum yesterday and was browsing around. I used to live in NY but now in the UK. Getting married in Sept so looking for style ideas and I stumbled upon this forum. I have my Hugo suit already (yeah I know some people will frown but I've always wanted a Hugo) but I'm still needing a shirt and shoes so I'll probably be posting threads or replying to existing ones with questions.
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