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I tried the tech pants in medium as well with a 33" true waist. I have an athletic body type from weight training and they gave me a serious case of carrot leg.
I've hot dyed a white linen shirt that was going yellow from age to a very dark blue. I had never tried it before but it came out perfectly. I've tried the same technique with pure cotton t-shirts as well but the colour didn't come out as homogenous for some reason.
Toasty: I have a slim fitting leather jacket that I had to size up on in order to fit my arms, chest and shoulders (I'm a bit built from gym), but the sleeves were too long like yours. I had a tailor taper the lower arm and it allowed it to stack and no longer was extending past my knuckles. That's something you could try if you don't mind altering the jacket.  
 Is "Miran" your AE? Your writing styles and expressions are quite similar.
I've washed my leather jacket before to remove some odours that had built up over time, with no negative consequences. I did a hot soak in the bath tub for about 15 minutes and then used a very mild soap to clean it (mostly concentrated on the lining and not the leather). During this process a great deal of black dye is released into the water. I then rinsed it with cold water and set it on a few towels to dry. I conditioned the leather twice a day as it dried. Despite...
I like the Big Bell. It's a little different with the zipper front. I saw it in store and it looked well made.  
I ordered both and kept the RE aviator as the AO sunglasses I received appeared to be of relatively inferior construction and quality.  
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