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Longtime lurker, new member. Early 30's, married and living in San Diego. I'm an attorney. Classic dressy suits and bespoke shoes during the day; sleek, urban and with a touch of an edge on my downtime. I'll admit to being a bit of a label-whore and loving the luxury leather goods. Got my first Vuitton at 13 and there's been no turning back. Favorite labels are Lanvin, Boss Black, Slimane-era CDH, Saint Laurent, and Kris Van Assche (KVA and CDH).
What about a pair of dressy sneakers? Canali, Lanvin, Bugatchi, and Common Projects come to mind. I've got several of the Lanvin suede/patent cap toe low tops and love them, and wear them where I'd normally wear a boat shoe. IMHO, better than a boat shoe for an urban gent...
Suede and patent cap toe Lanvin low tops from the Rack at 70% off. Granted their computers only show one in the system, luckily in my size.
New Posts  All Forums: