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definitely go up a a large and my cp hoody,coat and jumpers are all xl and fit fine
hi the jackets and sweats are undersized so you need to get one size up from your normal size,i have a brand new xl cp goggle hoody if anyones interested just let me know and il post pics,they are very sought after and cost me 285 gbp.iv just never wanted to risk damaging it by wearing it which would actualy be highlt unlikely as they are excellent,strong engineered garments,thanks , gareth
sorry im not thick just a typo ,I of course mean dior home not home
hi folks , I,m pretty well up on dior home and have owned some nice pieces,just had the last wear out of my dh raw indigos and have come across a pair from a uk seller on ebay, they have however a selvedge trim around the waist and I have never seen this before,they are at a reasonable price and I cant afford to go the whole hog and get a new pair of Japanese denim raws , plus as we all know the new ones are not as good as they used to be , and am thinking of buying...
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