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What a nice looking briefcase! Would you please do a short follow-up review on your briefcase, such as pros or cons after months of use?  
Pro in 256  Pro in a sleeve in 257
 All handles on Filson bags will be like this eventually. It's just a matter of time. Oiling fastens the process, I guess. 
The stuff I carry in my SL bag: For the 257, I have to downsize and leave some behind. I should have gone for the 258. 
I went for the 257. It turns out to be the skinniest one out of my bags.  
Is the 256 big on Tom? He is listed as 170cm and 70kg. 
 I use my Saddleback bag (9" D) for most of time and my Rickshaw commuter (4.75" D) on rainy days. I want to get a 256 (4" D), but it may be too small for my body frame (6ft1 and 195 Lbs). To be honest, the Rickshaw looks kind of small on me.    
 A 257, for sure.
Link please. I'm looking for a cheap 256, but can't find any at this price.
"fit" pics if possible?
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