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It looks like I have initiated a “fight” here.  I remembered that Roman said he would have his final words out on Sunday, which I considered as an “official statement”. Anything prior to that was unofficial in my option.   I can express/comment freely as long as I don’t make things up against Linjer. Anyway, I'll end the "fight" here by making this as my last post in this thread. Lastly, best wishes to Linjer.  
 I probably agree with you on "0 marks" as those two areas will go back to normal (black) after conditioning the bag. You may inform Danny the condition of the bag you sent to him. Then he may mention somewhere in his review to let readers know. 
 It looks like Danny's bag has the handle mark as well. Can you notice it from 10ft away?  Probably not. At least, Danny didn't think the handle mark was a big deal as he didn't mention it in this review. I can understand someone may want to add some characters to the bag on his own, so any request of exchange/refund is definitely acceptable.  I am kind of looking forward to Linjer's "official statement" regarding this issue, not just reaching out to people who got...
Most briefcase makers take pictures of their products before sending them out, which helps identify the problems like this. However, I think the damage may be caused by the manufacture when shipping bags to Linjer.         
 If I dressed like that, I would carry a Filson 256 instead. But I am looking forward to his review.   
      Only the troopers get into the rotation. 
I'll make a wild guess on early bird offer. $379 for briefcase$259 for tote
 I guess it's better than the leather tote.
Leather 257?   
No fake Filson 256/257 around.  
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