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 The V-shaped stitching looks kind of bad in this picture. Would you mind posting a close-up shot in normal daylight? 
Have you got your briefcase yet? If so, please post some pics of it here.  
Filson 230 or Saddleback Small Gear Bag (24oz canvas)? Any thoughts?    
  My older Filson tote bag has tin cloth as well. There is no reinforcement stitching at the opening ends, which is quite surprising to me.      . 
    Please check the white tag inside your 257 and tell us the date of manufacture for your bag.  I guess they cheap out on newer bags. 
It seems that Ray Clark is back.  
  Has anyone ever used this product on Filson bags? 
   $436.01 for a 9-yr old 266. Wow! 
 That's a 9-year old bag. Is a full-loaded 266 too bag/fat as a carry-on? 
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