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The EG website is finally up and running, a small selection in different widths available
I think that would explain the price hike for some manufacturers, but i don't think this applies to G&G who have small number of lasts.  Wow, being an H width must be tough, i'm an F and i'm struggling
Can anyone explain why G&G (and other manufacturers) make such a story about different widths? When i visited the store they said that if i wanted a different width of a standard model i'd need to pay mto prices. Now it looks like gmto through skoak is going to need several orders of the same width before they will allow. What part of the manufacturing process is this causing a problem in regards to this? .
The new season of JL is live on their website, Don't get too excited though, its all crap. The only nice pair is the 'Fowey' but their limited edition, way overpriced and on a new last (i think its a new last i'm not sure). Really disappointed in the lack of colors and imagination with the new collection. Hopefully JL will go back to their old artistic designs
I''v got a pair of Edward Green Galways and on the right shoe the crease is really digging into my big toe on the top side close to the 'knuckle'. I know in hindsight i should have gone for half a size smaller but Edward Green has a crap selection to try on instore and i took a gamble. i'v tried experimenting with different sized socks and insoles but its not really helping. The creases are quite 'deep' which is the source of the problem, does anyone have any ideas? (i'v...
Thorpe with speed hooks
is that the 804 last?
10.5,Its going to be raining all week so i won't get a chance to play with them outside for a while :(
Enzo Bonafe arrived today, my second purchase from Skoak, great sizing advice too!
The shoe trees for the William are an absolutely perfect fit, well worth the money, don't settle for anything less
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