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I agree with ^ Some of the new photos on the Crockett and Jones website are ridiculous and look like they were badly photo-shopped
That's awesome thank you
Does anyone know of any sources for the John lobb 'by request' archive? They will allow you to use older models that are no longer available as RTW for 'by request' but i'm struggling to find it. So far i'v been trolling the web looking for older models. I'd love a shoe/boot with two museum calf colors! 
I work as a cobbler and i can honestly say that if you take them back and ask for black you won't insult anyone and he should be able to do it while you wait.
There was another thread about caring for museum calf, but it mostly recommended Crema Alpina which i suspect after a quick look is a nightmare to get hold of! I am also probably going to get some Glenkaren products for my Lobbs
Thanks for those pics! i'v been looking at those Lobbs for quite some time but i haven't decided between the William 2 or the Camberely model. I'm still confused though between the Parisian brown museum calf and dark brown museum calf. When i saw Parisian brown in person at the London store it didn't look like it had any variation in colour ('mottling') compared to dark brown. But the colour tones of your parisian brown are awesome!
I had a similar problem with shoes i loved but caused me sores, i used 'melolin pads' they worked a treat, stopped the pain, allowed the sore to heal and the pads stay put and don't peel off halfway through the day
I came across this and i found it to be an interesting read   http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/edward-green-shoes-a/
Could you please upload another photo of these shoes if they have a bit more wear to them? I'd like to see how the creasing affects the medallion. Also is that Parisian brown museum? I'v been contemplating the Camberely in dark brown museum. Beautiful beautiful shoes!
There are some new additions to the Crockett and Jones website (UK collection)
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