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I only moved here a few years ago so i'm not familiar with the schools, I hope mine lighten up a little too, just so that burnishing around the toe and heel counter becomes more prominent. If not i may darken up those spots myself. Iv also noticed that the stitching on my Galways is perfect! much better than my Lobbs
UK, in the city of Bath
  Arrived this morning, Thank you Skoak! The Dark Oak is very Dark but awesome non the less
Can anyone comment on the sizing for the 946 last? The norvegese wingtips at Skoat are seducing me! Crockett and Jones 348,325 = 11e uk John Lobb William last = 11e uk (i know the 7000 fits well and the 8000 last is too tight) Edward green 82 = 11F (i'm assuming, i ordered the Galways from Skoat the other day, all i have to go by is that 11e is too tight) Alfred sargent 109 = 11normal uk R.M Williams - 11 wide   From what i'v seen at Skoat i need to jump on the Enzos!
I got an email from John Lobb saying they are having a 'by request' event in the Jermyn street store from 1st -21st December, no upcharge on MTO. If i go i might get the Canonbury in two tone colours.
I'v got this belt in chestnut, its Australian saltwater crocodile by RM William, It cost me around 300$. Its big, wide and awesome. I wear it to the office and everywhere else. Quality is excellent. Towards the buckle you have the crocodile 'horns' and the buckle is shiny. I would highly recommend but i know it may not be elegant enough to be used in formal wear for some people.
chogall is right, i had the same issue with my William 2's but the heel slip stopped once they were broken into. I still need to wear socks with a bit of padding on the heel but that being said i have different thickness of socks for different shoes.
I'v got the William trees, they are expensive but a perfect fit and look absolutely awesome! don't settle for any less!
 I own the William 2 and i'v tried on the Chapel on the 8000last and i'v tried on a phillip 2 on the 7000last and they are very different. I found the 7000last to be closer to the William last but i found the 8000last completely different (and a horrible fit for my feet) which is a shame because i'v been thinking about the chapel for a while. I'd say that the chapel is much narrower than the William (but this is my observation and to be honest my feet are completely...
Thats awesome! Thank you very much for your feedback
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