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I'v had them for quite a while, and they get regular use. Would deffo recommend
When i used to work as a cobbler, cemented shoes were very problematic because if you got caught in the rain the sole might separate from the rest of the shoe (i live in the UK and its always raining here) or there would be a need to occasionally glue back a few bits here and there. I noticed the problem quite extensively for the brand Bally. I won't say cemented construction is crap, but i would personally just use them as summer shoes. Glue can break down over time and...
I have a suspicion that the makeup is the same as whats available from all Crockett and Jones retailers but the photos just makes it look different, adding a 'red' tint.
My camera phone does a crap job of taking close up small pictures. The thread came loose while i was brushing the shoes so i think when a line of stitching was complete it wasn't 'closed off' properly. One of the buckle attachments was also loose. I don't know what caused this but i only noticed it after close inspection of the pair after the first flaw. These things happen to the best of companies, but i think John Lobbs response was very positive and helpful. I will...
Got my John Lobb William 2 Parisian Brown back from having stitching repaired. Service and communication were excellent, they also did a very good job on the repair. It took exactly a month but they did say it would take a month.
Alfred Sargent 'Stiles' Made for Herring shoes
  Alfred Sargent Stiles made for Herring shoes. I'v had my eye on them for a while and i found them on 1/2 price sale
I think this is what i am going to do. In the end of the day Jeffery West lasts are more fashion orientated than functional. So i am going to consider the problem as a one off.
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but a while ago i had a pair of Jeffery West shoes that had quite a high/Stacked heel and they left me with pain in my ankles when i stood still. This has put me off getting shoes with moderately 'high heels' but i would love to get my self some 'John Lobbs Prestige', problem is they have slightly higher heels than most shoes. Does anyone have experience with this form of ankle pain?
Haha, too much of a risk for me.If they don't fit and i have to sell them on because of no return policy on custom, i'd make a major loss. I haven't no (never really thought of it to be honest) I would ideally want to try on several different lasts in 10.5/11 F, next time I'm heading to London i'll give them a ring. They never offered to
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