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Anything but Air was horrible. Korean Air and Cathay are very good, I've heard Dragon Air is not bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew Charlie Rose literally falls for the Macbook Air: more --Andre Isn't that a moto?
Reminds me of a dustbuster.
I'd say TFs are medium rise, I have 2 pairs and their rise is 10.5" at the front. They're pretty awesome jeans for a good price. Hope you're really skinny in the thighs and calf or else go for SJs.
Quote: Originally Posted by totally epic Every night before going to bed.
As long as you don't stay in those hourly hotels, you'll be fine. For convenience I'd stay near TST area, lots of things to do and close to HK island. Intercontential, Shangri la, Sheraton, Harbour Plaza all those are pretty decent hotels. Its about $130usd a night during low season.
I'm also a trading noob as well, just started a few months ago. My stocks were going swimmingly until last week when it had a big drop, now I'm a little in the red. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but this question is important. Which online site is best for getting latest financial news for US and Asian markets?
You guys pretty much covered everything I miss about being young. I am not that old right now but I always tell younger friends to enjoy it while you can because it is pretty fucking sad when you grow up and have obligations and work like a bastard and worry about money and lose your friends and not enough time and not being able to do things you want. Parents always tell you not to waste your time doing useless shit and work hard to save money but it doesn't guarantee...
Nothing but a smile. Depends on the type. Younger more relaxed atmosphere I would wear jeans and nice top/jacket while more mature/classy places I would wear suit minus tie.
Anything with a bit of wax or coating makes pants that much more interesting. I have a problem with wool though, chafes like a bitch and I scratch my balls often enough as it is.
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