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Hurting on my investments in Asian market as well, losing my thousands of dongs.
I meant its not a good thing to join WNBA (it sucks).
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano If she plays in college and then the WNBA, it wouldn't be so bad... College yes, WNBA no.
I am not, I was tested for it before I was hired at a quality assurance company.
They're watching you.
Anything but Air India...it was horrible. Korean Air and Cathay are very good, I've heard Dragon Air is not bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew Charlie Rose literally falls for the Macbook Air: more --Andre Isn't that a moto?
Reminds me of a dustbuster.
I'd say TFs are medium rise, I have 2 pairs and their rise is 10.5" at the front. They're pretty awesome jeans for a good price. Hope you're really skinny in the thighs and calf or else go for SJs.
Quote: Originally Posted by totally epic Every night before going to bed.
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