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the who is leaving what now?
I've tried on the diors with the metallic finish. It actually turned out ok, not too flashy at all, but I do miss the ol' hook clasp instead of the new metal button.
I don't see a problem here; unless she laughed at you when you took your pants off.
What if they had a doghouse or bought as an 'outside' dog?
Its just too bad asia hasn't really picked up on it. I sure miss it.
There really is nothing you can do. Look at it this way, at least he refunded you the money.
Those look like my raver pants back in high school. I had pants with hem the size of a waist.
I don't know about swan meat, but I know goose meat is the way to go; a better tasting duck.
Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
Quote: Originally Posted by WN2 ....(regardless of how they look like) instead of some pretty b00bs. Fixed.
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