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Whats her appeal?
I got my gf a pair of metallic finish Galliano jeans last summer. I think Chevignon has gold and silvery coated jeans this season, but those are harder to pull off imo.
I'm sorry, it wasn't intended on targeting anyone in particular. I brought this up because I've recently heard from my friends (straight) that they use a little foundation. I was pretty surprised, so just wanted to know if it holds true for 'style savvy' guys on this forum.
Simple question (for guys please) I don't wear any usually, maybe a blemish concealer if I have a pimple going on a big date. Other than that I usually apply moisturizer and maybe chapstick. I hope there are not too many gothic freaks or stage performers on this forum.
Only once. (I love this song btw)
I got another pair of the SJDBC from cultizm (super fast shipping). This time I got 33x34 which feels much better. My 32x34 didn't stretch much as I had hoped probably due to the 2% elastane. FYI: I have HAND WASHED them in cool water with detergent. They didn't lose the 'shine' effect but some fades (light color creases) showed up. Once I wore it for a day or two; the fades are not that noticeable anymore. Great f*cking jeans btw, my brother got the indigo and now...
- Printed T-shirts : 30 - Blank T-shirts (any colour) : 10 - Jeans : 8 - Khakis : 0 - Sweaters : 4 - Dress Shirts : 7 - Ties : 4 - Cuff Links : 1 - Watch : 4 - Bracelets : 4 - Rings : 3 - Necklace : 2 - Shoes : 11 - Cologne : 4 - Belts : 5 - Collared T-shirts (Polos) : 4 - Jackets : 7 - Briefs/Boxers : +20
the who is leaving what now?
I've tried on the diors with the metallic finish. It actually turned out ok, not too flashy at all, but I do miss the ol' hook clasp instead of the new metal button.
I don't see a problem here; unless she laughed at you when you took your pants off.
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