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Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta that is not a bitch slap. a proper bitch slap is performed with the back of the hand. I learned something today.
Bought my gf a couple pair of jeans down by the store at Yorkville. Good selection, but mostly for girls.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I'm surprised to see someone say that goose is better than duck. Ugh. You should definitely give it a try. I'm pretty sure the one I ate are not those North American wild geese you find shittin all over the park.
Christmas all over again.
Bump. I'm ok with it, unless they're announcing multiple times that their shit sold.
Neil Barrett would be a good choice, they dont come cheap though for a higher quality pair of purcells.
I call them very sexy.
I have a high school friend who is a professional singer in hk. They have to wear makeup on stage, tv, and photoshoots, etc. They look awesome, but very silly when you see him in person.
I have no problem eating alone. But for a nice restaurant; wouldn't it be more of an overall experience like the atmosphere, the company, or the 'pride' of dining in a fancy restaurant with someone. I probably wouldn't dine alone unless the food is devine or have deep pockets.
Go to one of those asian therapeutic places and have them stick a cigar in your ear. They burn it to suck out the shit lodged deep in your ear, helps reduce headaches too.
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