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Looks delicious. so what kind of puppy is it?
I've always been clean and tidy, while my brother is kind of a slob. The clothing always come back smelling like cigarettes, alcohol and vomit. Just last month , he puked on my dior jeans and my white goat leather y's. He didn't even have the courtesy to clean it. Argggg, oh well he's my brother and I ought to kick his ass.
Yeah once, when I was like 3. Have you ever wanted to cry but tears don't come out? Its like my eyes are constipated.
I'm sure Mr. Garavani is lurking around in the Men's Clothing forum as we speak.
He's got stupid written all over his face.
Testing. sweet jesus i've finally got it
I'd go for black if you're pairing with suits. Brown/tan is too casual for a suit unless you were refering to a jumpsuit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr T Disguised bumping? Alter egos? Are you serious? Listen. If a couple of you knuckleheads fok this up for the rest of us I will hunt you down and bitch smack you with my new Altea pocket square. Blue paisley. Don't forget to video tape it super slow-mo and post it on youtube.
http://s302.photobucket.com/albums/n...t=DSC06318.jpg I find the slim jim not as tapered so I soaked them in warm water for a few minutes and put them in cold water to get a little bit of shrinkage. I don't want to put them in the dryer fearing the black coating would probably come off. It worked very well, and its not as tapered at my TF, just the way I like it.
Anyone able to get me a few tees in size M and the leather zip hoodie? Please pm me, TIA.
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