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I've been selling on ebay for quite a few years now. They don't have set dates for promotions but I say about once every month or two. I list on ebay.ca and they just had a 10cents listing yesterday. If you're new to selling, they sometimes have the 5 free listing for new sellers so you can probably take advantage of that. Oh and read the details of the promotion too, they usually have a bunch of criterias to follow.
Heres a tip, put down the fork! jk
Hi Kane, PM'd you. I think I'm one of those who slipped thru the cracks.
Thanks for the update Kane, I was starting to get a bit worried you forgot about your post-holiday buyers.
I once saw Jimmy Kimmel and his wife at Saks NY. Oh and I saw Yan the Chinese chef (Yan can cook),he stayed at the hotel where I worked before. I guess thats pretty much sums up the highlight of my life.
Heres what I do when I walk into a store, as the SA approaches me I'd say to them "Quit the foreplay, what are you trying to sell?"
I'm getting a hard on. Hope I can add more to my list. TIA Kane!
Maybe you should choke your chicken before going out. Or maybe wear something little less fitting (i.e. baggy pants) if there's an extention program going on in your trouser.
Women say I look even better with my clothes off.
Thanks for the link~ I was wondering if anyone knows the difference in measurement btwn the thin finns and slim jims? I got some measurements for the Surface to Air black coated jeans today. Just throwing it out there FYI. The 33 measures.. Waist: 16" across Front rise: 10" Thigh: 10.5" Hem: 8" and 34.. Waist: 16.5" across Front rise: 10.5" Thigh: 11.5" Hem: 8" To me the measurements seems kind of strange, like the thigh area looks to be a...
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