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Thank you so much Kane, I'm a big fan for wings & horns and I've been searching for w&h products everywhere, I use to get them at nomad and tnt back in toronto. Since I came to HK last winter, there was only one store that sold it called Lane Crawford which is the equivalent of Holt Renfrew. Now they don't carry it anymore, but at least they still got nom de guerre.
Well I think he should make a profit considering it takes a lot of time and trouble doing all that. As far as the price he wish to charge is up to him, but we got a choice to buy or not.
Hi there, I would recommend Dior Homme necklaces if he's the slim 'pretty boy' kinda look. I went to their store the other day and they had their new collection out, some of them less pricey than their previous rhodium/palladium plated ones. Should go check it out~
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